Attorney criticized for joking about pregnant woman caught on fire in Facebook live video

A Maryland lawyer is drawing criticism for videos he posted to Facebook in which he can be seen laughing and joking about the alleged victim of one of his clients.

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Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon represents LaQuinn Phillips, who was found not guilty Thursday of dousing his pregnant girlfriend Andrea Grinage with gasoline and lighting her on fire in September 2017.

Grinage was burned over 70 percent of her body and was given only a 1 percent chance to live by doctors, WUSA-TV reported. She testified during the trial that Phillips strangled her, doused her in gasoline and set her afire in her apartment bathtub.

Gordon portrayed Grinage as a mentally ill woman who intentionally set herself on fire in an effort to get paid interviews and speaking engagements in the domestic violence community.

Gordon recorded Facebook live videos during some of his morning commutes to the Prince George's County courthouse. In a video posted Wednesday, Gordon laughs with a colleague about an encounter with Grinage in an elevator during the trial, reported WUSA-TV.

“You never know what kind of lies she’s going to say,” Gordon said in the video, with a colleague he identified as Diane Miller. “She might light herself up in the elevator and say we did it,” Gordon said while he and Miller chuckled.

Grinage's family is outraged by the "public trashing" of her, WUSA-TV reported.

Prosecutors have called the defense "disgusting."

Gordon has maintained that his client was framed by corrupt investigators. He posted a Facebook live video of him and Miller celebrating as they drove away from the courthouse Thursday afternoon.

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