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DNC 2016: Hillary Clinton clinches nomination

Day two of the Democratic National Convention was kicked off at 4:32 p.m. today by Rep. Marcia Fudge in Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The official nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate will begin tonight with a state-by-state roll call vote with speeches to follow.

WATCH LIVE: Tonight’s proceedings at DNC 2016

Hillary Clinton is expected to have enough votes on the first roll call to secure the nomination.


Unlike at the Republican National Convention where all Ohio delegates were for John Kasich, Ohio’s DNC delegation is split between Clinton and Bernie Sanders delegates.

Democratic National Convention 2016 live updates: Day 2

The candidates need 2,382 votes to be nominated.

6:53 p.m.

Sanders: “I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules and that Hillary Clinton be the nominee of the Democratic Party.”

Total vote count: 2,842 for Clinton, 1,865 for Sanders

6:51 p.m.:

Vermont casts 4 votes for Clinton, 22 for Sanders

6:42 p.m.:

Wyoming casts 11 votes for Clinton, 7 for Sanders

Wisconsin casts 47 votes for Clinton, 49 for Sanders

West Virginia casts 19 votes for Clinton, 18 for Sanders

Washington casts 42 votes for Clinton, 74 for Sanders, 2 abstentions

Virginia casts 75 votes for Clinton, 33 for Sanders

U.S. Virgin Islands casts 12 votes for Clinton, none for Sanders

Vermont passes

Utah casts 8 votes for Clinton, 29 for Sanders

6:30 p.m.:

Texas casts 179 votes for Clinton, 72 for Sanders

Tennessee casts 50 votes for Clinton, 23 for Sanders

South Dakota casts 15 votes for Clinton, 10 for Sanders. Hillary Rodham Clinton now clinches the Democratic Party nomination for president.

South Carolina casts 46 votes for Clinton, 13 for Sanders

Rhode Island casts 19 votes for Clinton, 13 for Sanders

Puerto Rico casts 44 votes for Clinton, 23 Sanders

Pennsylvania casts 126 votes for Clinton, 82 for Sanders

Oregon casts 34 votes for Clinton, 38 for Sanders

6:20 p.m.:

Oklahoma casts 20 votes for Clinton, 22 for Sanders

OHIO casts 98 votes for Clinton, 62 for Sanders

N. Mariana casts 9 votes for Clinton, 2 for Sanders

New Jersey casts 90 votes for Clinton; 45 for Sanders.

New Mexico casts 27 votes for Clinton; 16 for Sanders.

New York casts 181 votes for Clinton; 108 for Sanders.

North Carolina casts 70 votes for Clinton; 48 for Sanders.

North Dakota casts 7 votes for Clinton; 14 for Sanders.

6:08 p.m.:

Michigan casts 81 votes for Clinton; 66 for Sanders.

Minnesota casts 42 votes for Clinton; 47 for Sanders.

Mississippi casts 33 votes for Clinton; 7 for Sanders.

Missouri has 49 cast votes for Clinton; 35 for Sanders.

Montana submitted 14 votes for Clinton; 12 for Sanders.

Nebraska casts 13 votes for Clinton; 16 for Sanders.

Nevada casts 20 votes for Clinton; 16 for Sanders.

New Hampshire casts 16 votes for Clinton; 16 for Sanders.

5:55 p.m.:

Iowa casts 30 votes for Clinton; 21 votes for Sanders.

Kansas casts 14 votes for Clinton; 23 votes for Sanders.

Kentucky casts 33 votes for Clinton; 27 votes for Sanders.

Louisiana casts 45 votes for Clinton; 14 votes for Sanders.

Maine has cast 12 votes for Clinton; 18 votes for Sanders.

Maryland has cast 84 votes for Clinton; 36 votes for Sanders.

Massachusetts casts 68 votes for Clinton; 46 votes for Sanders.

5:45 p.m.:

Georgia has cast 87 votes for Clinton; 29 votes for Sanders.

Guam has cast 9 votes for Clinton; 2 votes for Sanders; and 1 absent.

Hawaii has cast 15 votes for Clinton; 19 votes for Sanders.

Idaho has cast 7 votes for Clinton; 20 votes for Sanders.

Illinois has cast 98 votes for Clinton; 74 votes for Sanders.

Indiana has cast 48 votes for Clinton; 43 votes for Sanders; and 1 abstention.

5:35 p.m.:

Colorado has cast 36 votes for Clinton; 41 votes for Sanders; and 1 abstention.

Connecticut has submitted 44 votes for Clinton; 27 votes for Sanders.

Delaware has submitted 23 votes for Clinton; 9 votes for Sanders.

Democrats Abroad, which represents delegates that live outside the U.S., casts 7 votes for Clinton; 10 for Sanders.

The District of Columbia has cast 39 votes for Clinton; 5 votes for Sanders.

Florida has submitted 163 votes for Clinton; 72 votes for Sanders.

5:30 p.m.:

Arkansas casts 27 votes for Clinton; 10 votes for Sanders.

California has cast 330 votes for Clinton; 221 votes for Sanders.

5:29 p.m.:

American Samoa casts 8 votes for Clinton; 3 votes for Sanders.

Arizona casts 51 votes for Clinton; 34 votes for Sanders.

5:26 p.m.:

Alabama casts 50 votes for Clinton; 9 votes for Sanders.

Alaska casts 6 votes for Clinton; 14 votes for Sanders.

5:24 p.m.:

Roll call votes by states beginning shortly.

5:11 p.m.:

Nominating and seconding speeches beginning on presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s behalf.

4:55 p.m.:

Nominating and seconding speeches beginning on Sen. Bernie Sanders behalf.

4:32 p.m.:

Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Marcia Fudge has called the convention to order for night two.


Jim Obergefell, of Cincinnati, who was focus of gay marriage Supreme Court case, will lead Ohio delegation during roll call, the party says.

Massachusetts stood first alone, allowing same-sex marriage beginning in 2004. By the end of spring 2015, 33 more states in short succession legalized same-sex unions while 13 others — including Ohio, with a state constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage passed in 2004 — dug in and held fast.

It was an Ohio couple, Cincinnatians James Obergefell and partner John Arthur, who provided the test case that would lead the Supreme Court to remove that last legal roadblock.

Obergefell and Arthur, who was terminally ill, got married in Maryland on July 11, 2013, and filed a lawsuit challenging the state of Ohio to recognize same-sex marriage on death certificates.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine fought back, arguing that the state had voted in 2004 to define marriage as being between a man and a woman. That case, bundled with others, went before the Supreme Court and served as the definitive statement about whether marriage could only take place among people of the opposite sex.

The ruling came long after Arthur died on Oct. 22, 2013.

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