Dog dies in early morning Springfield house fire

Update@6:26 a.m.:

Firefighters are now saying the home previously caught on fire in January and caused some damage. So the family hasn’t lived in the home since then.

In addition, the man who fire officials thought escaped the fire with flip-flops on was never in the home. Instead, he showed up at the scene just as firefighters arrived because the three dogs lived in the house, firefighters said.

It’s not clear at this time what caused the fires in January and Wednesday morning. But we are working to get you that information.

Update@5:39 a.m.:

Firefighters confirmed that the family got out of the burning house safely, including one man who escaped with flip-flops on.

The family’s three dogs were also removed from the structure, although one died, firefighters said.

First report:

We are responding to a report of a structure fire at Walter and West Jefferson streets in Springfield early Wednesday morning.

Everyone got out of the structure safely, according to scanner traffic.

We have a photographer at the scene who is working to get you more information.

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