Stella Bleu to reopen after testing employees for COVID-19

Stella Bleu Bistro in Springfield will reopen Thursday after employees tested negative for COVID-19.

Chef and Co-Owner Darin Mitchell said all employees have received negative test results so far, but they are still waiting on a few employees to receive their results.

He added that the employees who have not received their test results, will not return to work until they do.

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Stella Bleu Bistro has been closed since Wednesday, July 8.

“We will be closing for a few days to allow for COVID-19 testing on all of our staff,” the bistro said on their Facebook page last week. “We have followed all guidelines put out by the Health dept. for safety and sanitation, but want to insure that none of our employees are carrying the virus without symptoms.”

For more information, search for Stella Bleu on Facebook.

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