Navistar’s coming layoffs: What we know now

Beginning early August, 81 workers will be laid off from Springfield’s Navistar center.

Here’s what you should know about the plans:

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1. Most those being laid off are journeymen mechanics. A temporary full-time contractor and two Truck Specialty Center clerks are being laid off while the remaining 78 workers are journeymen mechanics. The layoffs will begin Aug. 1 and continue until October.

2. Those being laid off can reapply at the main facility. Those being laid off are part of the United Auto Workers Local 402 and 684 unions and can reapply at the main facility as positions open.

3. The layoffs are part of a restructuring plan. Navistar made a joint agreement with GM to produce medium-duty trucks at the Springfield plant next year. The layoffs are a part of their restructuring of the local workforce before they begin hiring at their main facility.

4. This is Navistar's second joint agreement with GM. Navistar previously made a deal with GM to create 300 jobs building their G Van for a total of about 600 new jobs in Springfield over the next three years.

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