Montgomery County receives most grant money to support homeless Ohioans

Dec 27, 2017

The Ohio Development Services Agency is providing grants to 72 local organizations to support homeless prevention, emergency shelters and permanent housing initiatives.

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According to a release, Montgomery County will receive the most grant money with more than $1.2 million going toward two entities for homeless crisis response programs. 

In total, more than $25.8 million will support shelters for the homeless and help homeless Ohioans find permanent housing.

Grants from the Homeless Crisis Response Program will help 50 non-profit and local government agencies operate emergency shelters and quickly move individuals from emergency shelters to permanent housing. Approximately 39,000 Ohioans will be assisted through the program, with funds coming from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and the Federal Emergency Solutions Grant program. 

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Grants from the Supportive Housing Program will help 31 non-profit agencies transition homeless Ohioans to permanent housing or provide permanent supportive housing to homeless people with disabilities. This program will assist approximately 5,300 Ohioans. Funding for the program is from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

"We're helping homeless Ohioans get back on their feet," said David Goodman, Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

In addition to Montgomery County, other counties with local agencies receiving grants include: