Clark County Beggar’s Night date change: What parents are saying

Clark County’s date for trick-or-treat has changed and reactions from residents on the Springfield News-Sun Facebook page are split on the decision.

Last week, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office announced that Beggar’s Night  was moving from the Saturday before Halloween to the day of Halloween, Thursday, Oct. 31.

“We understand that many people have historically planned their Halloween events following Beggar’s night being held during the weekend. We also have heard from just as many people thanking us and letting us know they appreciate the date being moved,” The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post said. “We realize the change can be difficult and apologize for any inconvenience.”

Some residents look forward to celebrating Halloween on the day of instead of the week before.

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"I like that they moved it to Halloween! Why have Beggar's night on a day other than Halloween? I never got that. It defeats the fun of Halloween," said Sierra M. Jones.

Other residents are upset because they can no longer continue their Halloween family traditions.

"We had a tradition in our family for over 25 years, everyone would meet up, dress up, pass out candy, scare the kids and adults but because of the change we will not be able to do any of it," said Rebecca Waldron.

"Just completely disrupted what had become a special tradition in our family," said Vicky Dyer.

The date change was appreciated by residents who work on the weekends.

"This is the first year in a very long time that I will actually get to enjoy trick or treat with my kids," W Allen Mo said. "Sorry for those that are mad but it gives the rest of us a chance for once."

Having trick-or-treat on a weeknight makes some residents worried for the teachers the next day.

"The children will be so hyper, and excited they won't be able to fall asleep right after trick or treat," Kristy Elliott-Downing said. "The poor teachers the next day are going to have their hands full!"

The Sheriff’s Office’s statement said trick-or-treating was moved in order to, “keep consistent with neighboring communities.”

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Neighboring communities that have trick-or-treat on Halloween include Greene County and Miami County.

Trick-or-treat for Clark County is scheduled for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 31.

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