Butcher shop worker fired for video of Clark County Fair hog slaughter

A pig at the Clark County Fair. Bill Lackey/Staff

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A pig at the Clark County Fair. Bill Lackey/Staff

A Medway-based butcher shop has fired an employee after he allegedly sent out a social media post of hogs from the Clark County Fair being slaughtered.

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The 30-second video obtained by the Springfield News-Sun was captured by a parent whose children were upset by the post. It’s not standard practice for employees to record a slaughter, said Mike Janow, a butcher at Copey’s Butcher Shop, 10998 Gerlaugh Road.

“It’s not appropriate and that’s solely the reason why we (terminated the employee),” Janow said. “He shouldn’t have done it. … I apologize to anyone who may have seen it.”

The post wasn’t meant to be made public, the employee allegedly told Janow, and it has since been deleted from SnapChat, a social media site. Janow was unclear about when the video was posted.

The business wasn’t aware the videotaping took place and took care of it immediately, Janow said. The company asks employees not to use cellphones during work hours and will examine becoming stricter in the future, he said.

“We would never intentionally put that out,” Janow said. “We had no idea that was going on. We’re definitely sorry to the kids or even the adults who did not want to see that. I understand not everybody wants to see it.”

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The situation was brought to an end immediately, Clark County Fairgrounds Executive Director Dean Blair said.

The business has been located in Medway since it opened in 1950 and has been a huge fair supporter for years. He vouched for the owners of the company after having done business with them for more than 30 years.

“They’re a top notch family who have a top notch business,” Blair said.

He was proud of the fact that action was taken immediately. After the rumor began to spread, Blair called the owners of the butcher shop to discuss the situation.

“A terrible thing happened, but the reaction time was immediate, the protocol was perfectly followed and that’s the kind of people we like to count on,” Blair said. “You don’t get that in New York or Chicago. You get that in a small town where you know who you’re dealing with.”

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The Clark County Fair Board was also alerted immediately, Blair said.

“We want to instill confidence in the families that they don’t have to worry about this,” Blair said. “This person have been investigated, terminated and this has been brought to an end. It should’ve never happened, but as soon as the owner was made aware, it’s done.”


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