Many in community find Northwestern HS prom-posal poster offensive

Northwestern Local Schools administrators say they are addressing a social media post where two students are holding a derogatory prom-posal poster.

The poster reads: It would be kool if you’d be my (n-word) at prom?, with the kool spelled out using Kool-Aid packets, and the n-word misspelled in an apparent attempt to shield the students from Facebook removal for violating policy.

Many are calling the prom-posal insensitive and disrespectful.

“I’m concerned about our young people. Why do they think this is OK?” Denise Williams, president of the NAACP in Springfield said.

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Northwestern Superintendent Jesse Steiner issued a statement Thursday, which stated in part:

“It is very disappointing that any student would choose to use language or symbols that would offend others. This behavior is not acceptable and is not tolerated at Northwestern.”

Steiner also said the district legally cannot share student discipline with anyone who is not the child’s parent or guardian, but that “as soon as the school became aware of the sign, the school took action.”

However, Williams, whose daughter is a former Northwestern student, said most disturbing is that the post can still be found, likely because it was shared with others through social media.

“I would be curious what action they took because the post is still up,” she said.

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“Everybody is not in agreement with that post,” she said, which she gleaned from reading comments on the post. “Some of the students don’t see why it’s disrespectful. Then you have students who are absolutely disturbed by it.”

Williams said she has reached out to the superintendent and principal, and hopes district leaders can meet with the NAACP to address and educate them about the issue.

“I hope that the parents really sit down and talk with those children, and if the parents are using it (the n-word), I beg them to stop because it begins at home, it really does,” Williams said.

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