Heritage Center seeks more Clark County history, artifacts

The Clark County Heritage Center wants to know what your story is.

The museum is seeking more artifacts and items from the area from everyday people.

Heritage Center CEO Roger Sherrock said he hopes people with interesting items with a Clark County back story will consider donating the item to the heritage center so that item can be preserved.

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“If it has a Clark County story we would be very interested in that,” he said.

Right now, the heritage center has many items from Clark County’s history including many items that belonged to prominent people from the area. However, the center wants to expand their collection to be able to showcase life in Clark County from different perspectives.

Sherrock said getting the stories behind the artifact is important to the center.

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“We want to talk to people and interact with people so they realize that yes, we have a very large significant collection here at the heritage center but more importantly we have compelling story behind those things,” he said. “When people bring things in we sit and talk to them about where did these things come from?”

Photographs could also be accepted by the center to help tell the county’s history.

He said the museum is particularly interested in anything that relates to International Harvester.

“During the war years they made a lot of things,” Sherrock said. “If we could have those things come in so we could actually show the unusual items they produced people might find that very interesting.”

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He said any item that is donated will be handled with care and be put on display so others can enjoy.

“This area has a lot of history to it, a very prominent history and the more pieces we can get to tell that story the better off we all are.”

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