Greenon to hold community, public auctions for items from old schools

All proceeds from events will go toward permanent improvement expenditures for the district.

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Greenon Local Schools will be hosting auctions beginning this weekend for items from the old schools, according to the district’s website.

“As part of the preparation for the opening of the new Greenon schools K-12 campus in the fall of 2021, Greenon schools will host a series of public auctions in partnership with beginning Saturday, May 1,” the website stated.

The auction will begin with a community auction for members to bid to purchase locker doors from Greenon Junior/Senior High School as a result of requests from the community. It will be open online from May 1-6.

After the community locker door auction, public auctions for items inside Indian Valley, Greenon Junior/Senior High School and Enon Primary will be held.

“All proceeds from the auctions will only be used for permanent improvement expenditures - maintenance, equipment and repairs that will last at least five years - as required by Ohio law,” the website stated.

According to the district, the schedule for all auctions and item pick-up is:

  • May 1-6: Community/group locker door auction
  • May 7-17: Indian Valley public auction
  • May 20-30: Greenon High School public auction and Enon Primary School auction
  • May 26-28: Indian Valley item pick-up
  • May 28: Indian Valley scrap pick-up
  • June 9-11: Locker door auction pick-up, Greenon High School items pick-up, and Enon Primary item pick-up
  • To be determined: Greenon High School scrap pick-up

Those interested in the auctions should create a bidder account at before Saturday. For instructions on what to do after you create an account, visit the district’s website.

After this school year, Indian Valley Intermediate and Greenon Junior/Senior High School will be demolished following the auctions and pick-up of items. Enon Primary will continue to be used as a preschool, the district’s board office, an auxiliary gym space and a storage facility.

After the Greenon Junior/Senior High School has been demolished, the school board will offer free pick-up of bricks from the building for anyone interested in a keepsake, the website stated. There will be no cost for the bricks. Dates and pick-up times will be shared this summer.

The new Greenon schools K-12 campus will open with students and staff on Tuesday, Sept. 7.

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