Greenon schools working to bridge gap in student learning

School scores in middle on state report card

Greenon Local Schools scored in the middle range on most components of the state report card.

“As we navigated the pandemic we knew learning loss would occur and we have been planning for it along the way. This past school year we focused on bridging the gap by providing students with additional opportunities and support. For example, we increased staff, held a summer intervention program, and expanded tutoring, both in-school and after school,” said Superintendent Darrin Knapke.

On the new 1-5 star system, Greenon received the second lowest rating on progress at a 2, but had a 3 in achievement, gap closing, early literacy and graduation rate.

Knapke said he is pleased with the progress the students have made and is confident they are on the right track.

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“The data shows we have met state standards and are closing the educational gap,” he said. “Teachers are measuring student performance and progress within the classroom and are using it in real-time to adjust instruction to meet the needs of each student... They have changed and adapted and overcome multiple obstacles to deliver quality instruction, and they are focused on improving student progress and helping students make a year’s worth of growth.”

Ohio K-12 schools did not receive an overall grade for 2021-22, but they did receive ratings on individual components of the report card. The Ohio legislature also changed the previous system of A-F grades to a 1-5 stars system.

Schools were still evaluated on how well their students did on state tests, reading proficiency in kindergarten through third grade, graduation rates, how students are progressing year over year, how well schools are able to close gaps between student subgroups, and how ready a student is to enter the workforce, college or the military after graduation. The new equation puts increased weight on year-over-year progress and gap closing.

The district had a performance index rate of 74.5%, which is an increase from last year’s 59.4%. As far as gap closing, the district had a rate of 38.2%.

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According to ODE data, of Ohio’s 607 graded school districts, 581 saw their Performance Index rise in 2021-22, and only 26 saw a decline. That’s because scores dropped in 2020-21 due largely to COVID disruptions, then they bounced back some in 21-22.

When it comes to graduation rate, Greenon had an overall rate of 93%. The four-year rate decreased this year at 92.2% compared to last year’s 95.1%.

“The star ratings are brand new, so it’s too early to determine their accuracy or effectiveness,” he said. “The report card is a standardized way of evaluating schools. This is not the only metric we use. Our teachers perform assessments and gather data from each student. Many of our teachers have years of assessment data. These assessments are invaluable as they are real-time and are used to ensure each student receives the support they need to be successful in the classroom,” Knapke said.

Last year, school report cards did not include letter grades for all individual metrics and only listed some of the raw data including academic, graduation and attendance measures.

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