Feral cats trapped, spayed or neutered and released

More than 20 feral cats trapped overnight in Springfield-area parks will be spayed or neutered and released back where they were found.

The cats were brought to His Hands Extended Sanctuary in St. Paris, where vets will spay or neuter the cats. Their ears will then be clipped, which marks them as having been spayed or neutered.

After spending a few days recovering from surgery, the cats will be released back to where they were trapped, according to reports.

Tanya Jordan, executive director of His Hands Extended Sanctuary, said even taking a few cats off the streets can make a big difference in the population of feral cats. She said 420,000 cats will be reproduced over seven years between just one female and one male cat and their offspring.

If additional donations are received, the organization is hoping to trap and neuter additional cats later this year.