Springfield man pleads not guilty to 4 counts of felonious assault

A Springfield man was arraigned by video Monday morning in the Clark County Municipal Court on felony assault charges.

Jalen Hairston, 19, pleaded not guilty to four counts of felonious assault and two counts of improperly discharging a firearm, court records show. He was given a $100,000 bond and remains in the Clark County Jail.

Officers were dispatched around 8:45 p.m. on Sunday to the 300 block of North Bechtle Avenue on the report of people fighting and some having guns, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

While police were on their way to the scene, they were advised that shots were being fired and several males were seen running on Broadway Street, the affidavit said. Officers then responded to the 1300 block where multiple people were standing outside and police were given a description of who possibly had the guns.

Two other officers were driving through Snyder Park looking for the suspects when they saw three males matching the description and detained them.

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Officers found a loaded Kel-Tec .380 handgun in the front right pocket of one suspect, a loaded 9mm Springfield XD handgun in the front right pocket of a second suspect, and identified the third suspect as Jalen Hairston, the affidavit said.

Officers were then able to talk to a witness and watch a video he recorded on his phone.

“In the video, officer observed several males fighting in the street and then a male with gray shorts to be carrying a handgun. The video showed him raise the handgun and (the witness) at that time ducked away and approximately four shots could be heard. The video then raised back up to show several males running from the scene including Mr. Hairston,” the affidavit said.

Officers then spoke with a man who said the three men came to his back door on Bechtle Avenue and “challenged” him to a fight, in which he came out into the middle of Broadway Street “to keep them away from his house.”

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“(The man) began fighting an unknown male, later identified as Jalen Hariston. He then heard gun shots and ran away from the fight and toward the alley way behind his house. He stated as he ran away he heard more gunshots,” the affidavit said. “(The man) stated his family was in the area he was running towards and the shots were fired at them as well.”

Officers spoke with the man’s family, who identified Hairston and one other suspect, according to the affidavit.

“(Victim) identified (suspect) as the first to fire shots and then hand the gun off to Hariston. (Victim) stated (suspect) originally fired into the air but then fired at (the man) who was running toward her and her family. (Victim) stated Hairston then fired the gun at (the man) as he ran away as well,” the affidavit said. “All stated shots were fired at them and (victim) stated she was hit in the chest with a spent casing as the gun was being fired at (the man).”

Officers located several spent shell casings, one bullet and three bullet strikes to two homes on Broadway Street, the affidavit said.

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