Springfield man indicted on two counts of felonious assault involving kids

Darryl Newsome

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Darryl Newsome

A Springfield man accused of stuffing a child into a pillowcase, throwing her into a closet and then later taking a balloon string and choking the child was indicted this week.

Darryl Newsome, 27, was indicted on two counts of felonious assault and a charge of domestic violence in Clark County Common Pleas Court, according to court records.

Newsome is also accused of throwing a different child up and down stairs causing the child to sustain injuries and bleed from his head and attacking a pregnant woman.

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Springfield police began their investigation on Sept. 2 when they were called to a home on the 1900 block of Primm Drive in reference to a domestic violence call. They met with a woman who told them Newsome had attacked her and her family, an affidavit filed with the charges said.

“I asked (the woman) what started the fights and she stated ‘Mr. Newsome just got upset and started going off and they weren’t even arguing,” the affidavit says. “(the woman) then stated Mr. Newsome assaulted her and the children yesterday.”

The woman told authorities that she was 36-weeks pregnant and she was afraid of Newsome.

“(The woman) stated that (on Sept. 1) Mr. Newsome threw child victim one up and down the stairs …” the report says. “I observed visible injuries to child victim one on the top of his head,” the report says. “Child-victim one had dried blood on the top of his head.”

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The woman said the second child also was assaulted.

“(Mr. Newsome) got upset with child victim two because she was crying and he placed her inside a pillowcase and threw her into the closet,” the affidavit says. ” (the woman) stated Mr. Newsome later took a balloon string and placed it around child victim two’s neck and choked her causing visible bruising and swelling.”

The woman also said she was punched several times, the affidavit says.

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