Springfield man accused in Sunoco shooting found guilty

A Springfield man was found guilty in connection with a shooting at a Sunoco gas station, according to the Clark County Prosecutor.

WATCH: Video: Surveillance released of Springfield Sunoco shooting

Antoine Green, 33, of Springfield, was originally indicted in September after police said he fired several shots after a dispute at a gas station on Selma Road. He struck the victim multiple times.

Green was found guilty of felonious assault with a gun specification. He is due back in court to be sentenced on Friday morning.

“The jury should be proud of returning a guilty verdict to take this criminal off our streets,” Clark County Assistant Prosecutor Brian Driscoll said in a statement. “We’re thankful also for the hard work of the Springfield Police Division and the continued cooperation from the owners of the Sunoco station and the victim in this case.”

Springfield police wrote in an affidavit that they began an investigation when they were called to the gas station across the street from Springfield City Schools School of Innovation (also known as the old Keifer building).

There they spoke with the mother of Green’s child who said the shooting took place after Green got in a dispute over visitation time with their son, the affidavit says.

“She said she walked in and saw that the father of her son was in line to pay for his drinks,” the affidavit says. “(She) stated that Green became upset telling everyone in the store that she was keeping the child from him and just taking his money.”

The video shows an argument taking place in the parking lot of the gas station before shots were fired in the direction of a person who got out of a car. Law enforcement said an 8-year-old child was in the car while the gunfire took place.

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