Springfield man accused of knocking woman unconscious

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Springfield man accused of knocking woman unconscious

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Springfield man is accused of knocking a woman unconscious during an argument.

Robert Finch, 39, was charged in Clark County Municipal Court with felonious assault. An arraignment that was scheduled for Monday was continued.

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Springfield police began their investigation on Saturday when they were called to a home on Delcourt Drive, according to an affidavit filed with the charges. There, they met a woman known to Finch who appeared to be beaten.

“(The woman) had blood coming from her nose,” the affidavit says. “Her eyes and nose appeared swollen and she had a scratch under her right eye. (The woman’s shirt was torn around the neck and also under her left arm.”

The woman said, according to the affidavit, that the incident began at a Springfield bar when the two got into an argument.

“(The woman) advised she grabbed Mr. Finch by the arm in attempts to stop him from leaving at which time he turned around and struck her in the face with an open hand causing her nose to bleed,” the affidavit says.

Once back at a residence the incident continued, the affidavit says.

“(The woman) stated that it quickly escalated and Mr. Finch began to accuse her of ‘stealing his dope,’” the affidavit says. “(The woman stated that Mr. Finch then began to grab her and push her around. (The woman) stated that Mr. Finch was hitting her about the head with open hands at which time she bit his arm in order to get him to stop. (The woman) advised that at this time Mr. Finch punched her in the back of her head with a closed fist causing her to lose consciousness.”

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The woman was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center where doctors determined she suffered a broken nose, the affidavit says.

Officers were able to find Finch and arrest him, the affidavit says. He was listed in Clark County Jail on Monday.

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