Report: Police investigate theft from vehicle at Springfield hotel

Police are investigating a theft incident that was reported at a Springfield hotel.

The victim told officers that some time overnight on Wednesday, her 2020 Ford Explorer was broken into and several items were stolen while it was at the Holiday Inn, 204 Raydo Circle, according to a Springfield police report.

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“She stated her rear passenger side window had been broken in an unknown manner,” the report says. “Officers observed a pry mark on the metal by the edge of the window.”

The victim said the items were taken from the rear seat of her vehicle without consent.

“She stated that one of the laptop computers belonged to her business,” the report says. “She further stated there was a .25 cal Sundance semi auto handgun inside the fire safe that was taken as well.”

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The stolen items include a .25-caliber Sundance semi automatic handgun, three savings bonds, a gold collectible coin, two external hard drives, two Microsoft surface laptop computers, a white iPad in a yellow case, and a black iPhone 8, the report says.

No witness or suspect information as available.

Springfield police continue their investigation into this incident.

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