Police: Springfield kids lived in a home with ‘human feces on the floor’

A Springfield man is accused of allowing children to live in a home where so many dirty dishes were piled in the sink that flies were attracted, trash on the floor and a toilet that overflowed allowing human feces on the floor that wasn’t cleaned.

James Ulery, 36, is charged with three counts of child endangering. He pleaded not guilty Monday morning and he was released on his own recognizance.

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Springfield police began their investigation on Saturday when they were called to a home on Cedar Street to check on the welfare of children, an affidavit filed in support of the charges says.

“Upon entering the kitchen, officers had to dodge flies flying around,” the affidavit says. “Officers observed dirty dishes in the sink with food still on them and flies flying around. Officers observed what appeared to be grease or some kind of substance on the kitchen table making it apparent it had not been cleaned properly.”

Officers also observed the bathroom, according to the affidavit.

“While walking to the bathroom, (a woman) stated the toilet was backed up from the night prior and had yet to be fixed,” the affidavit says. “Officers were several feet away when the odor of human feces became almost overwhelming. ”

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The toilet appeared neglected, the report says, and a child told officers that the toilet had been that way for several days.

“Child-victim one was also observed to have food all over her face and was wearing clothes that had noticeable dirt on them, child victim two and three did not appear to be dirty and appeared to be clean. All child victims were of acceptable weight and appeared happy.”

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