16 people indicted with felonies in Clark County court

These 16 people were indicted in Clark County Common Pleas Court

Jeremy Kingery, 25, of Springfield: two counts of carrying concealed weapon and two counts of having weapons.

James Skaggs, 33, of Springfield: domestic violence

Derrick Long, 30, of Springfield: aggravated robbery and having weapons under disability

Ahmad Rababah, 28, of Springfield: two counts of theft and two counts of receiving stolen property.

Tanya Apple, 47, of Springfield: receiving stolen property

Thomas Nickells, 35, of Springfield: two counts of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Nicholas Huffman, 18, of Springfield: carrying concealed weapon

Timothy Russell II, 29, of Springfield: domestic violence

Ashley Fenwick, 33, of Springfield: burglary

Donald Lee Silvers Jr, 54, robbery

Peter Lewis Hill III, 37, of Springfield: aggravated robbery

Corbin Bonner, 39, of Springfield: aggravated possession of drugs

Kyle White, 28, of Springfield: possession of cocaine

Heather Penwell, 33, of Springfield: endangering children

David Heffner, 57, of Springfield: possession of cocaine

Joe Jones, 57: trespass in habitation when a person is present or likely to be present and violating a protection order

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