The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is looking into possibilities to improve the security and monitoring of inmates at their facility after two women escaped from the jail in about a month’s time. The two women were recaptured. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

Escape in Clark County: 5 times inmates tried to get away from law enforcement this year

1. Jennifer Tate escapes through fence

Just this week, 29-year-old Jennifer Tate, of Kettering slipped through a fence while in custody at the Clark County Jail. Officials from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office said they believe a possible camera glitch may have been a factor in Tate’s movements going undetected.

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Tate was severely injured during the escape, but still managed to travel a few blocks north. The sheriff’s office said they believe she was in Buck Creek at some point, before her capture 26 minutes later in the parking lot of the Springfield Museum of Art.

The sheriff’s office is investigating how to increase the security and monitoring of inmates that wouldn’t cost taxpayers an overwhelming amount of money.

2. Alisha Salyer climbs fence, steals car

In August, Alisha Salyer climbed over a fence at the jail. According to court documents, Salyer fell on her way down the fence and hurt her ankle.

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Despite the injury, she removed her uniform and ran away. She then stole a car in the parking lot of the Springfield Museum of Art and drove back to her home in New Carlisle, where she was later apprehended, according to court documents.

She was taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center to be treated for her injuries from the fall from the fence.

3. Shianne Givens frees herself from handcuffs in a police cruiser

The Springfield Police Division was investigating a theft on West North Street when they were able to locate a suspect that matched the description given by the victim.

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The suspect, Shianne Givens, was taken to the scene of the crime in a police cruiser. While the victim spoke with officers, Givens was able to get one of her hands out of the cuffs, roll down the window, open the door of the cruiser and run, according to a court affadavit.

Officers caught up to her about 100 yards later. The incident happened just days after Alisha Salyer’s escape from the Clark County Jail.

4. Two female inmates try to escape pod at Clark County Jail

In March, 45-year-old Tanya Apple and 33-year-old Nichole Sexton were placed in isolation cells after an inmate told deputies that the two were opening vent doors in the pods, according to court documents.

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The inmate allegedly told the deputy they needed to do a check in the pod because “they’re doing bad things in there.”

Sexton was allegedly found by deputies on top of a bunk trying to close a vent door that was hanging down from the ceiling. Inmates allegedly told deputies Apple was also involved in opening the vent doors, the court document said.

5. Man flees from deputies on way back to jail from Springfield Regional

Christopher Crane, 36, faced escape charges in May. According to a court affadavit, he and another inmate were being trasported back to the Clark County Jail from the hospital around 1 a.m.

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The affadavit says a deputy placed Crane in leg shackles and handcuffed him in front of his body, but when the vehicle got to the jail, deputies heard the rear driver’s side door open and saw Crane flee from the car.

The document continues to say the deputy ran after Crane. The deputy drew their gun and ordered Crane to lay face down on the sidewalk near the corner of Fountain Avenue and W. Columbia Street.