Clark County neighbors on alert from man knocking on doors at night

Moorefield Twp. neighbors are on alert after reports of a man knocking on their door at night.

Residents have reported seeing this man for the past month, including on a community page on Facebook called Springfield, Ohio Crime Monitor.

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The post on the crime monitor page describes a man attempting to open a woman’s storm door at 9:15 p.m. July 29 on Westmont Drive and claiming he was with a third-party company affiliated with local utility companies. The man was persistent and asked to be let into her home to go over how he might be able to save her money, the post says. He also requested information about her billing, the post says, and when she said she was going to call the utility company for more information, he reportedly said, “That’s not how it works!”

She finally closed the door and called the sheriff’s office, the post says.

Moorefield Twp. trustees became aware of the unidentified man also through social media, township Trustee Jack McKee said.

“Good businesses do not put solicitors out after dark,” McKee said.

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Local utility companies also said they don’t believe the unidentified man was affiliated with them.

McKee urges people to be safe and cautious at all times. If a solicitor comes to your door after dark, McKee said to shut the door immediately and call 9-1-1.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies have been told to watch out for any solicitors in the area, McKee said, but there’s likely no laws being broken because the township doesn’t have any ordinances against soliciting. But some areas on private property don’t allow the practice, like at condos.

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Martha Welbourne lives in a condo in Moorefield Twp. and believes the aggressive solicitor has knocked on her door.

“He really pounds the door, almost makes the door feel like it’s shaking,” Welbourne said.

That’s why she didn’t open her door when he knocked, she said.

“I thought if he is going to knock that loud, I don’t think I can trust him,” Welbourne said.

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