Clark County Common Pleas Court cases


16-DR-0596 – Janita J. Aikens, 618 S. Plum St. v. Theon N. Aikens, 2650 E. High St.; complaint for divorce.

16-DS-0598 – Roger Lee Sparks, 371 Sherman Ave. and Penny Ruth Sparks, 8282 Old Columbus Road; petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DP-0603 – Ashley Michelle Perry, 811 ½ W. Columbia St. v. Winter A. Eggers, 1302 Delta Road, Apt. F; petition for civil stalking protection order.

16-DR-0604 – Barbara L. Birt, 364 N. Isabella St. v. Ted O. Birt, 914 Spruce; complaint in divorce.

16-DP-0605 – Brittany Poe, 16 N. Freeman St. v. Bobby L. Alcon, 2832 Oletha Ave.; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

16-DP-0606 – Jessica Rosales, Fairborn v. Tyson Rosales, 1521 Regent Ave.; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.


Andrea Sue Rupert v. Kirk E. Fleming Jr.; domestic violence civil protection order denied.

April McIntosh v. Kyle McIntosh; petition dismissed.

Samuel E. Taylor v. Marita J. Taylor; both parties granted divorce.

Alicia Lyn Green, 2190 Scioto St. v. Cory Lee Green, 23 ½ W. McCreight Ave., both parties granted divorce on grounds of incompatibility.

Angel Graves and Todd Graves; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Sean Fuller, 4100 Troy Road, Lot 48 and Krista L. Fuller, 2825 Shrine Road; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Joshua J. Gould, Columbus, and Betty J. Schwartz, Berne, Ind.; decree of dissolution of marriage.

Melinda A. Krueger, 2254 Columbus Ave., and Franklin S. Kruger, 22 W. College Ave., Apt. 8; decree of dissolution of marriage.

State of Ohio vs. Darnell Thomas; convicted of theft, sevens months prison term, credit time served.

State of Ohio vs. Justin LeValley; convicted of child endangering; two years prison term, credit time served.

In the matter of the foreclosure of liens for delinquent land taxes by action in rem. By the treasurer of Clark County, Ohio v. Parcels of land encumbered with delinquent tax liens and Russell D. Fields, et al.; case dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.v. Jennifer Lockhart, et al; plaintiff claims dismissed.

State of Ohio vs. Asante A. Williams; convicted of violation of community control; 18 months prison term, credit for time served; $1,000 restitution.

Treasurer of Clark County v. Mark A. Fenton, et al.; complaint dismissed.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Thomas R. Salyer, et al; case dismissed.

State of Ohio v. Terrance Darden Jr.; convicted of receiving stolen property; six months prison term, credit time served.

State of Ohio v. Kendrick Thompson; convicted of receiving stolen property; six months prison term, credit time served.


Donald K. Minton to Earl Scott Robinson Sr., 9548 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $272,000.

Eric A. and Torrie N. Palmer to Josiah J. and Sarah D. Pratt, 220 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $87,800.

Virginia L. Cox to Kathryn Diemler, 302 W. Jefferson St., New Carlisle; $68,500.

Timothy W. and Valerie J. Miller to Timothy W. Miller, 1207 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; no fee.

Lowell P. and Betty Jean Vaughn to Betty Jean Vaughn, 301 Villa Drive, New Carlisle; no fee.

Dale R. and Susan E. Kreiner, trustees to Mark A. and Patricia D. Skaggs, 1900 Markley Road, London; $566,500.

William W. Holmes to Matthew S. and Andrea L. Harbage, 2220 Ash Brook Drive, Springfield; $267,000.

Robert W. Thimmes, trustee to Jonathan H. and Brooke N. Faust, 5118 Hahn Ave., Fairborn; $75,000.

Carl W. and Kathleen R. Eckell to Lance Rentals LLC; 5306 Saum St., Fairborn; $65,000.

Michael R. Thompson Jr. and Thomas E. Beyland to Devan J. Walters, 5224 Han Ave., Fairborn; $118,000.

Aug. Property Investments LLC to Kimberly Ehret, 0 Sullivan Road; $40,900.

Thomas James Flaherty Jr. to Gabrielle S. and Frederick Van Ness Jr., 6158 Harvest St., Springfield; $260,000.

Michael Dean and Cathy Ayres to JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, 4358 Tulane Court, Springfield; $107,200.

First Assembly Church of God to Arvind Asish and Vikashni Kumar, 3245 Derr Road, Springfield; $130,000.

Fannie L. Hawks to James P. and Barbara J. North, 1507 Student Ave., Springfield; $45,000.

Springfield Unity Center to Jodie A. Peters, 450 Willow Road, Springfield; no fee.

Brian O. Bills to Richard J. and Shannon M. White, 3090 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $164,500.

Jose A. Guevara to Melissa Guevara, 2130 Callahan Road, South Vienna; no fee.

Ronald Reynolds and Lovana Debolt to Lovana Debolt, 1043 Armsgate Road, Springfield; no fee.

Mary Agnes Ferryman and Mary Ann Mitch to Mary Ann Mitch and Steven Paul, 1046 Fruitland Road, Springfield; no fee.

Tower Collina LLC to Fred C. and Susan K. Stephens, 2739 Rensselaer Drive, Springfield; $129,500.

Patricia DeWine to Joseph P. and Rachel L. Buck, 810 W. First St., Springfield; $75,000.

Hazel Marie Dixon to John Franklin Lewis and Valerie Flynn, 3636 S. Clairmont Ave., Springfield; $75,000.

Tracee Y. Sutton to Ida L. Sutton, 263 Buxton Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Wayne and Nellie M. Horsley to Wayne Horsley, 727 Mountjoy St., Springfield; no fee.

Christopher T. Wentz to Terri L. Hutchins, 301 Bellaire Ave., Springfield; $74,500 (two parcels).

Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 126 N. Greenmount Ave.,Springfield; no fee.

Thelma Burton Anderson to Enorris and Georgette Thomas, 317 Fair St. and 318 Obenchain Alley, Springfield; $30,000.

Lamont and Selima Fambro to Tanya A. Evans, 234 E. Euclid Ave., Springfield; $25,000.

Harold B. and Joan V. Locher, co-trustees to Jennifer Fugett, 113 Fifth St., Springfield; $86,000.