In Case You Missed It: Top crime stories this week

Krysta Durden has been charged in Clark County for allegedly defrauding renters out of $1,000.
Krysta Durden has been charged in Clark County for allegedly defrauding renters out of $1,000.

Just in case they passed you by, here are the top crime stories from the Springfield News-Sun this week.

Woman accused of bilking money from would-be renters

A Springfield woman has been charged after allegedly defrauding would-be renters out of $1,000 for a rental property she does not own.

Krysta Durden, 18, is facing charges on two counts of theft for allegedly taking money from people who believed they were renting an apartment which had been advertised on Craigslist, according to court records. Durden, who allegedly gave the renters a fake name, allegedly had them sign a lease agreement and collected their money. Police became involved when two different groups of people disputed habitation of the property.

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Man charged in series of Springfield break-ins

Ernest Ewers, 33, of Springfield has been charged in connection to a string of December robberies.

Police began investigating the break-ins on Dec. 14, following the robbery of Veterinary Services on Mitchell Boulevard. Police were able to tie all the incidents to one person after viewing surveillance footage from that robbery and several others, including a break-in at the Northwood Veterinary Hospital on Middle Urbana Road and two drive-thru businesses. Ewers was identified as the alleged robber by patrol units and arrested.

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Man accused of choking woman on Christmas

A Springfield man has been accused of choking a woman on Christmas morning, because she would not allow him to borrow a vehicle.

Shane A. Crawford, 31, is facing multiple charges, including domestic violence. Crawford allegedly asked the victim in the case to borrow a truck, and then he proceeded to slash one of the of vehicle’s tires when he was denied. He allegedly asked again the next morning, and when he was refused again, he grabbed the victim by the throat and said he would “squeeze the last breath out of of [her].”

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Woman accused of purse-snatching in Kroger parking lot

A Springfield woman has been charged in connection to an alleged purse-snatching that happened in a Kroger parking lot Tuesday, Dec. 26.

Amanda Summers, 38, allegedly took the purse as the victim was putting groceries into her car. The victim said Summers originally approached her while the both of them were inside the store. Summers allegedly grabbed the purse, which was on the woman’s shoulder, and the two began to struggle, causing the victim to fall and be dragged as Summers allegedly tried to get to her own vehicle.

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