“Battelle is telling us help is on the way:” FDA works to approve equipment sterilization

Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the need for N95 masks during the coronavirus pandemic Sunday, March 29 during a press conference.

The conference was hosted in response to the FDA’s decision to limit Battelle to sterilizing 10,000 masks a day when they are capable of sterilizing up to 80,000 with one machine.

“Battelle is telling us help is on the way,” DeWine said.

After DeWine heard of the original decision to limit the production of masks, he called President Trump, who said he would take action concerning the situation.

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Lt. Gov. Jon Husted encouraged the FDA to approve the full capacity of the machines used to sterilize the masks.

“This needs to be approved today,” Husted said. “We will not let up until this gets done.”

There are 1,653 cases confirmed in Ohio. 403 people have been hospitalized and there have been 29 deaths. 66 counties in Ohio have confirmed cases, as of Sunday, March 29.

Lewis Von Thaer president and CEO of Battelle, said they are researching methods to sterilize other medical equipment.

“We’re very proud of our women and men here,” he said. “They’ve been working around the clock.”

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