Coronavirus: Clark County to receive largest shipment of vaccines, so far, next week

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

The Clark County Combined Health District will receive more than 3,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine next week making it the largest amount allotted to date.

The health district, in combination with their partnership with Mercy Health - Springfield, will receive 3,510 doses of vaccine next week. That’s the most they have seen in a single shipment since vaccinations began in December, Clark County Combined Health District Commissioner Charles Patterson said.

Prior to next week’s shipment, the county’s largest vaccine shipment was about 2,500 doses which was all used for K-12 school employee vaccinations last month.

“So for those of you who know someone who has said, ‘ugh I’ve tried for weeks and I couldn’t get through and I’m just done with it. Forget it, I’m just not going to get a vaccine.’ This is the week to change your mind,” Patterson said. “This is the week to call us. This is the week to go online and schedule.”

Individuals who are 65 and older or individuals with a qualifying health condition can schedule an appointment. Those who were eligible for vaccination in phase 1a, including non-hospital affiliated healthcare workers and congregate care residents and staff, nursing home or assisted living facilities not enrolled in the federal long-term care pharmacy program are also able to schedule appointments.

As of late Friday afternoon, the health district still had 2,400 vaccine appointments available for next week’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday vaccination clinics. Staff will schedule appointments from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

“If you are sitting out there and you are not 65 and up and you know someone who is 65 and up, reach out to them. Call them up on the phone and say, ‘hey I heard the health department still has doses,’” Patterson said.

Patterson said he wants to schedule all 3,510 appointments as soon as possible to show the Ohio Department of Health, which allots the vaccines to counties every week, that Clark County wants to take on more vaccines.

“If the state is going to give us these vaccines, we better use them because if we don’t use it, they won’t continue to send us more doses,” Patterson said.

To schedule an appointment, residents can call the health district at 937-717-2439 or schedule online at

Clark County had 12,194 cases of the coronavirus as of Friday, according to ODH. The county also had 320 deaths and 14 probable deaths, according to data from the CCCHD.

Ohio has recorded less than 2,000 daily cases of coronavirus for the fourth time this week, according to ODH.

The state reported 1,976 cases on Friday, bringing its total to 964,380.

On average, Ohio is recording 2,374 daily cases, according to data from the last 21 days.

In recent weeks the state is showing signs of slowing the virus’s spread. Ohio hasn’t reported more than 3,000 daily cases since Feb. 12.

The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Ohio is continuing to drop as well. As of Friday, there were 1,235 coronavirus patients hospitalized, with 308 in ICUs and 214 on ventilators, according to ODH. On Feb. 13, the state’s patient count was 1,695 with 462 people in the ICU and 282 on ventilators.

In a month, the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in southwest Ohio has decreased by roughly 60%. On Jan. 26, the region had 824 coronavirus patients hospitalized. On Friday, there were 356.

Ohio reported 167 hospitalizations and 15 ICU admissions Friday, bringing its total to 50,118 and 7,119 respectively.

The state recorded 58 deaths, reporting a total of 17,183 during the pandemic.

Facts & Figures:

3,510: Amount of COVID-19 vaccines the Clark County Combined Health District is expected to receive next week

2,400: Number of open vaccination appointments available next week as of late Friday afternoon

21,741: Total vaccines given in Clark County, as of Friday

16.21: Percentage of Clark County residents vaccinated with at least one dose

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