Coronavirus: Clark County expected to receive 1,800 doses of vaccine for Phase 1b

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Clark County is expected to receive 1,800 doses of vaccine next week to be used for Phase 1b eligible residents, according to a statement from the county’s health department and EMA.

In a joint statement, the Clark County Combined Health District and Clark County Emergency Management Agency announced seven providers in the county will be distributing the vaccine.

“While we know that many people in our community are eager to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, we must be patient while demand for the vaccine remains higher than the available supply,” the statement said.

Gov. Mike DeWine released the vaccination scheduled last week for Phase 1b. a group that includes Ohioans ages 65 and older, K-12 school staff and those with severe medical issues. DeWine said Ohioans ages 80 and older will be able to start receiving coronavirus vaccines on Jan. 19, with the state extending the age group eligible to receive the vaccine by five years each week.

Beginning Tuesday, Clark County residents ages 80 and over can be vaccinated by the following entities, by appointment only:

  • Clark County Combined Health District and Mercy Health are partnering to administer vaccines at one location at the Upper Valley Mall. Residents are encouraged to sign up for alerts from the health district at or call 937-717-2439. The website and phone line will open for scheduling on Friday.
  • Rocking Horse Community Health Center, located at 651 S. Limestone St. in Springfield will be offering the vaccine by appointment only during varied hours. Rocking Horse patients will take priority. To schedule an appointment contact 937-525-4521.
  • The New Carlisle Community Health Center, located at 106 N. Main St. in New Carlisle, is setting up a dedicated phone line for scheduling. Those phone lines will be available soon. For now, residents are encouraged to watch their social media accounts for updates.
  • Springfield-area Kroger pharmacy location — 2728 E. Main St., 965 N. Bechtle Ave. and 2989 Derr Rd. — will all offer the vaccine. Kroger customers are encouraged to visit or call the COVID-19 vaccine helping at 866-211-5320 for more information. The helpline will be active starting Saturday.

Clark County’s health commissioner, Charles Patterson, said that while the county is receiving 1,800 doses of vaccine, there are 5,600 Clark County residents ages 80 and up.

“We are working very hard to make sure everyone who wants a vaccine in Clark County will be able to get a vaccine,” Patterson said. “Please be patient as we begin this massive endeavor.”

Residents are encouraged to visit or the health district’s Facebook page for weekly updates regarding the vaccine locations and registration information.

“We must continue using all the tools available to help prevent the spread of the virus until a substantial number of Ohioans can be vaccinated,” Clark County EMA Director Michelle Clements-Pitsick said. “Continuing to wear masks and social distancing will reduce your chance of being exposed to or spreading the virus. Proper prevention measures coupled with the vaccine, will provide the best protection from COVID-19.”

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