Community Voice: Connect to local talent through YouScience system

Amy Donahoe, Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership
Amy Donahoe, Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership

If you’re looking for talent (who isn’t right now??), don’t forget our Springfield City and Clark County high schools where many students are engaging in an aptitude platform known as YouScience. Now, for the first time, companies are being permitted to register on the YouScience system, making their company more visible to local students. That’s why The Greater Springfield Partnership has partnered with YouScience to support the launch of Talent Marketplace – a platform to assist local talent to become aware and better understand the businesses in our community.

How does it work?

Local employers enter company information and indicate the skills desired from potential employees. Using a proprietary algorithm that matches the individuals’ talents and skills, YouScience identifies individuals that are well suited to an employer’s needs. Qualified candidates are aligned to suitable employer opportunities in the Talent Marketplace. Students have the chance to explore careers that best relate to their own aptitudes and interests, and with employers’ engagement in the Talent Marketplace, these careers can be linked to specific companies in our community, with your help.

What exactly is YouScience?

YouScience was created to help answer some of life’s biggest questions: “Why am I learning this?” and “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

The YouScience platform offers a complete solution. A series of “brain games” uses performance measures of aptitudes to uncover students’ natural talents, match them to careers, and give them personalized feedback on how their abilities can be utilized in school, work, and in their daily life. It also helps school counselors understand how their students’ abilities align to certifications and pathways – it’s a great tool for identifying under-represented students for non-traditional pathways.

Maybe a student can quickly do calculations in his or her head. Maybe he or she is a really colorful storyteller, a puzzle master or a super detailed planner. Even if one doesn’t realize it, there is a TON of talent to uncover in each of us.

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So YouScience looks closely at students’ basic abilities, and these are remarkably similar across racial, ethnic, and gender differences. This uncovering of talent can cause young people to consider careers they never would have thought of before because they didn’t have role models to tell them about those careers. When people learn they’re really good at something that can lead to an in-demand job, frequently they give that career a closer look. “I can do this!” they often say. It’s a self-discovery that has changed lives.

YouScience Discovery brain games match what a person is good at (aptitudes) and what he or she likes to do (interests) with in-demand careers for which they have a competitive advantage. That project, schoolwork, or hobby that just comes easy to a person? We can thank our aptitudes for that.

How does YouScience connect to

We have several IT gurus working behind the scenes to help make YouScience a big part of our newly launched local job search site. Be sure to post all your local job opportunities on so they will also appear on the new website.

Are you ready to find your future workforce?

YouScience is spreading quickly across the nation. Already more than 1 million students have taken the aptitude platform. Clark County schools are among the leaders in adoption of YouScience and our local businesses have already begun to register on the platform. In fact, at this moment Springfield leads the state in registration on YouScience.

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Please reach out to me at the Greater Springfield Partnership to further discuss YouScience, as well as other new ways to connect your company with our area high schools this upcoming academic year.

Amy Donahoe is Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership.