Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Caleb G. Clinton, 26, of 920 S. Lowery Ave., bench warrant served defendant jailed, guilty, bond $1,000.

Damien C. Marlowe, 39, of 1812 Lexington Ave., PV admitted - found guilty, guilty.

Jacob D. Nibert, 26, of 241 S. Yellow Springs St., domestic violence, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Preston Nunn, 119, of Piqua, OH, possession of drugs, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Deondrae M. Poole, 21, of 531 S. York St., bench warrant served defendant jailed, guilty, guilty.

Johnathan T. Robinson, 23, of Urbana, OH, menacing, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

George B. Applin, 43, of 317 W. Pleasant St., criminal damaging, not guilty.

Daniel P. Miller, 45, of 1326 Terrace Drive, OVI, continued, refer to DIP.

Connor L. Phiri, 19, of 641 N. Wittenberg Ave., criminal damaging, continued, PD appointed, criminal damaging, continued, PD appointed.

Thomas W. Shaw, 61, of 315 S. Burnett Roa,d Apt. 912, DUS, dismissed.

Brandon A. Moore, 22, of 2682 Allen Drive, violation of TPO, bench warrant ordered.

Thomas W. Shaw, 61, of 315 S. Burnett Road, Apt. 912, OVI, guilty, 10 days of jail, 10 days credit for time served, 12 months of driver license suspension, fined $375, DUS, dismissed, reckless operation, dismissed, traffic signal, dismissed, driver license required, dismissed, OVI/urine, dismissed, OVI-cocaine, dismissed, OVI-cocaine, dismissed.