Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Cody S. Havens, 34, of 1875 S. Belmont Ave., violation of TPO, continued, PD appointed, no contact condition of bond, bond $2,500.

Kyra D. Hunley, 26, of 726 Garfield St., violation of TPO, continued, OR bond.

Ryan K. Leach, 40, of 2339 Hillside Ave., criminal trespass, innocent, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Kassidy L. Lewis, 24, of New Carlisle, OH, criminal trespass, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000.

Patrick Luckett II, 67, of 717 W. Liberty St., criminal trespass, innocent, continued, OR bond.

Kyle Mcwhorter, 29, of 2909 Avery Circle, OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $2,500, FTA or unpaid fine suspended, bench warrant ordered, speed, bench warrant ordered, open container, bench warrant ordered.

Spencer W. Puckett, 26, of 1721 E. Wittenberg Blvd., fugitive, innocent, dismissed.

Jeffrey A. Springer, 41, of 1753 Clifton Ave., bench warrant returned from Clark County Sheriff’s Office, guilty, bond $2,500.

Skylar Q. Takacs, 22, of 2326 Irwin Ave., obstructing official business, innocent, continued, bond $1,500.