Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Molly J. Cline, 41, of 738 S. Center St., assault, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000, assault, bench warrant ordered.

Kimberly K. Fenwick, 29, of 1018 Middle St., theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed, or bond.

James J. Fout, 38, of 1218 Driscoll Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, or bond.

Matthew D. Goodridge, 34, of 620 East Ct., theft, continued, PD appointed, bond $1,000.

Tyler R. Gordan, 31, of 1326 Delta Road Apt. F, failure to comply, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,000.

Christopher A. Kephart, 32, of Urbana, guilty, bond $5,000, warrant served, deft jailed, guilty, bond $5,000.

Shatoria C. Slaughter, 32, of 1208 Oakleaf Ave., vehicular vandalism, innocent, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond, or bond.

Joshua M. Wilson, 33, of 2709 Elmore Dr., theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Amy L. Cornell, 37, of 1654 Catawba Ave., assault, guilty, 180 days of jail with 180 days suspended, 6 months of probation, probation w/anger management, fined $250.

Amanda S. Day, 41, of South Charleston, fugitive, continued, PD appointed, deft refused to waive extradition, bond set at “no bond”.

Larissa L. Dodge, 30, of Urbana, OVI, bench warrant ordered.

Joshua L. Dooley Sr., 32, of 550 E. Cassilly, domestic violence, dismissed, assault, dismissed, assault, dismissed, assault, dismissed.

Willie H. Harvey, 47, of Columbus, OH, robbery, dismissed.

Joseph M. Seng Sr., 59, of 2000 Springmont Ave., child endangering, continued, PD appointed.

Crystal L. Cardosi, 35, of 1817 Springmont Ave., public indecency, bench warrant ordered, disorderly conduct, bench warrant ordered, disorderly conduct, bench warrant ordered.

Paul E. Hubert, 61, of 530 E. Cassilly, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Dwayne E. Lenoir, 39, of 1011 Buckeye St., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Nicole J. Pine, 43, of 3935 E. National Road Apt. G, obstructing official business, dismissed - prosecutor request, disorderly conduct, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Everett E. Scott, 44, of 315 Neosha Ave., theft, bench warrant ordered, theft, bench warrant ordered.