Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Mark James Arend, 50, of 2107 Troy Road Apt. F5, criminal trespass, innocent, continued, OR bond, criminal trespass, innocent, continued, OR bond.

Jason L. Carroll, 50, of Crestline, driver license required, dismissed, expired tag or sticker, dismissed.

Timothy Adam Cobb, 45, of London, OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS, bench warrant ordered, marked lanes, bench warrant ordered, operating without use all seatbelts, bench warrant ordered.

John C. Franklin, 49, of Dayton, warrant served, deft O/I, guilty.

James A. Hannon, 49, of 318 S. Belmont Ave., assault, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500, criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered.

Mark Dru Hickman, 52, of Fairborn, warrant served, DEFT jailed, guilty, bond $5,000.

Jeremiah Nuzum, 35, of Bowling Green, request for bail, innocent, continued, bond set at “no bond.”

Paige C. Palmer, 27, of West Jefferson, theft, innocent, continued, OR bond, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed, OR bond.

Eric C. Terrell, 41, of 2710 Roseland Ave. W, criminal trespass, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Dawn A. Gilbert, 55, of 955 Avondale Ave, theft, bench warrant ordered.

Chelsea Kampman, 34, of 1179 Driscoll Ave., request for bail, continued, bond set at “no bond.”

Michael L. Murray, 35, of 2420 Mayfair Dr., burglary, continued, PD appointed, no contact conducive of bond.

Jiyah T. C. Rose, 18, of 2027 Sweetbriar Lane, felonious assault, continued, no contact conducive of bond.

Janaiva Reshae Benion, 23, of 1585 Regent Ave., OVI, continued, refer to dip, OVI/breath, dismissed, DUS, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.

Benjamin Buck, 41, of 735 Linden Ave., OVI, dismissed, DUS, dismissed.

Eric B. Dotson, 27, of 1619 Warder St., criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered.

Camille Y. Ervin, 37, of 305 W. Johnny Lytle Ave., theft, bench warrant ordered.

Dandre K. J. Mcelrath, 19, of Dayton, felonious assault, continued, no contact conducive of bond.

Daun M. Morrison, 28, of 1006 N. Plum St., child endangering, dismissed - indicted, child endangering, dismissed - indicted.

David A. Roberts II, 46, of 1367 W. Jefferson St., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Ryan M. Rowland, 23, of 1102 Burt St., assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Jason L. Silvers, 31, of 1606 Highland Ave. Apt. 1/2, weapons under disability, dismissed - prosecutor request, firearms in motor vehicle, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Evelyn M. Stewart, 38, of 451 E. Southern Ave., child endangering, continued, child endangering, dismissed, child endangering, dismissed.

Dale D. Springer, 38, of 844 Park Ave., domestic violence, dismissed - indicted, disrupting pub. service, dismissed - indicted.