Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Jameka Dailnn Applin, 26, felonious assault/weapon, dismissed - indicted, vandalism, dismissed - indicted.

Bradley Allen Chaney, 33, of 601 S. York St., aggravated burglary, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Timothy A. Cochran, 25, of 501 W. High St., OVI, bench warrant ordered, bond $2,500, OVI, bench warrant ordered, DUS OVI suspension, bench warrant ordered, assured clear distance, bench warrant ordered.

Josiah L. Gilbert Sr., 36, of 223 S. Western Ave., OVI, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Brooke E. Jacks, 51, of 1615 S. Bird Road, request for bail, innocent, dismissed, bond set at “no bond.”

David Daniel Rose, 51, of 4641 Dayton Springfield, telephone harassment, innocent, continued, or bond.

Amber P. Yeager, 35, of Urbana, theft, innocent, continued, PD appointed.

Janique A. L. Cartier, 24, of 2045 S Yellow Springs St., OVI, continued, refer to 3 day program, OVI/breath, dismissed, speed, dismissed.

John Fowler, 20, of 114 E. Cassilly St., operating without valid operator’s license, bench warrant ordered, assured clear distance, bench warrant ordered, marked lanes, bench warrant ordered.

Treonte Antwan King, 30, of Dayton, OVI, continued, refer to three day program, OVI/breath, dismissed, marked lanes, dismissed.

Carol Bernard Walker, 35, of 824 W. Pleasant St., DUS, dismissed, speed, dismissed.

Paul F. Weese Jr., 62, of 406 W. Euclid, criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered.

Corey B. Brim, 23, of 680 Homeview Ave., OVI, continued, failure to control, dismissed, seat belt driver, dismissed.

Damonte Trejohn Moore, 22, of 436 Fremont Ave., OVI, continued, operating without valid operator’s license, dismissed, speed, dismissed.

Steven Shepherd, 34, of Enon, disregard of safety, dismissed - prosecutor request, speed, dismissed - prosecutor request.