Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called included:

Nyra S. Coburn, 55, of 1750 Baker Road Lot 29, theft, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Rachael L. Howard, 22, of 1826 S. Center Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, NAPT.

Chris R. Johnson, 35, of 1361 Perry St., criminal trespass, bench warrant ordered, bond $1,500.

Scottie Seay, 37, of Dayton, OH, domestic violence, continued, no contact/not to be at 505 N. Belmont, PD appointed, bond $5,000.

Kyle L. Dinnen, 33, reduced to first degree misdemeanor receiving stolen property, guilty, 10 days of jail, 10 days jail, CTS from 11/20/2021.

Kishon Moore, 41, of Piqua, OH, domestic violence, dismissed - indicted.

Dhruvkumar B. Patel, 28, of 432 Blose St., OVI, guilty, 10 days of jail with 7 days suspended, 3 days credit for time served, 12 months of driver license suspension, fined $375.

Robert T. Adams, 39, of 607 Geron Drive, obstructing official business, continued, PD appointed.

Ryan J. Cassady, 28, of Columbus, OH, OVI, continued, refer to dip, failure to control, dismissed.

Michael R. Hazel, 43, of Dayton, OH, OVI, bench warrant ordered.

Joel A. Breslin, 39, of 1783 Edwards Ave., domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Alichia Crawford, 41, of 155 W. College Ave., domestic violence, dismissed.

Bennie King IV, 30, of 1927 Superior Ave., disrupting public service, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Dustin M. Smith, 36, of Jamestown, OH, domestic violence, dismissed - indicted.

Tyler J. White, 20, of 2016 Sturgeon St., assault, bench warrant ordered.