Clark County EMA to have full-scale exercise at fairgrounds

The Clark County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will have a full-scale exercise this week to “enhance preparedness and response capabilities” in the event of emergencies in the community.

The event is in compliance with state mandates, and the exercise will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, at the Clark County Fairgrounds, according to a post on the EMA’s Facebook.

The exercise will involve participation of several emergency response agencies and personnel who will engage in simulated emergency scenarios to test their readiness and coordination in a controlled environment.

“During this time, residents may observe emergency response drills and simulations designed to mimic real-life scenarios. These exercises are crucial for ensuring that our emergency responders are well-prepared to handle any crisis that may arise in our community,” the post stated.

Residents near the fairgrounds may see the increased activity, including the presence of emergency vehicles and the use of smoke machines. However, the EMA said, “be assured that all activities will be confined to fairgrounds property and will not impact traffic flow in the area.”

Along with the EMA, the exercise was made possible by Sunrise CoOp, Clark County Fairgrounds, Dean Blair, Madison Twp. Fire Department, Springfield City Fire and Rescue, Clark County Hazmat Team, Ohio EMA regional partners, volunteer evaluators, and others, the post said.

For more information about the exercise, contact the EMA at

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