Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0346: Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC v. CLARK COUNTY TREASURER, Robin E. Pitts, Steven D. Pitts, United States of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, foreclosure.

24CV0347: Ally Bank v. Jennifer Schneider, replevin.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Ericka J. Cooper, 35, of Dayton, self employed and Christian Pierre, 42, of Springfield, self employed.

Christina M. Liston, 32, of Springfield, nurse and Florian Pippig, 33, of Springfield, auto technician.

Justin C. VanBeber, 40, of Springfield, highway technician and Stephanie J. Koster, 38, of Springfield, administration.

Tanner L. Van Velzor, 24, of Springfield, electrician and Grace E. Scarberry, 26, of Dublin, receptionist.

Tina M. Lyttle, 35, of New Carlisle, unemployed and Joseph E. Blake, 34, of New Carlisle, Greenon Local Schools.

Zackari D. Carper, 39, of Springfield, N/A and Allison N. Crippen, 36, of Springfield, retail.

Property transfers:

Joyce Chilton to Margarita L. Reyes, 1119, 1917 Ohio Ave., Springfield; $12,000.

Rudayus Hampton to Rudayus Hampton, 1121 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $0.

Joseph D. Colborn to Zanadu Lyons, 502, 510, 512-512.5 E. Liberty St., Springfield; $101,000.

Clark County Land Reutilization Corp to Delores A. Brown, 922 Clifton Ave., Springfield; $0.

Arthur and Erlante Exantus to Ana Medina and Pedro Valdez Rojas, 242 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $8,000.

Michelle B. Lord to Anlaur Properties LTD, 725 N. Limestone St., Springfield; $250,000.

Fat Cat East Enterprises LLC to Henry and Therese D. J. Patterson, 412-414 Stanton Ave., Springfield; $21,500.

Simms Center Street Townes LTD to John Wobbe and Daragh Porter, 1 Mill Run place, Springfield; $33,800.

John D. and Barbara A. Bianchi to Alexis Price, 1745 Stratford Place, Springfield; $224,500.

Janet and David Allen to Janet Allen, 253 Canterbury Drive, Springfield; $0.

Stephanie M. O’Brien to Jose A. Davila, 222 Ridge Road, Springfield; $5,700.

Megan E. Hampton to David B. Galluch, 370 Terrace Drive, Springfield; $68,000.

Curtis and Melissa A. Studebaker to Carl and Jennifer Dumke, 870 S. Hampton Road, New Carlisle; $649,900.

Alicia M. Michek to Morgan M. Fife, 19 Fair Ave., Medway; $171,000.

Heather Schaeffer Anderson to Diddle Bug DG Properties LLC, 509 Bowser Drive, New Carlisle; $0.

Medway United Methodist Church to Medway Church, 2550 S. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $0.

Dustin E. McCoy to Michael and Virgil McDaniel, 210 Ravenwood Drive, Springfield; $196,100.

Pro Investment Advisors LLC to Steven Lokai, 6378 W. National Road, New Carlisle; $85,000.

Ryan D. and Katie L. Fraser to Jameson T. and Danielle E. Morrow, 703 McKnees Mill Run, New Carlisle; $330,000.

Jean G. and Rosemarie Keck to Debra S. Bryant, 305 N. Pike St., New Carlisle; $0.

Brian McDaniel to Kyle M. Kaup and Madison L. Jobes, 914 Firwood Drive, New Carlisle; $160,000.

James High to Joshua T. and Donald W. McKee Jr., 1205 Hemlock Road, New Carlisle; $105,000.

Charlene M. Henderson to Paige M. Whitaker, 209 Drake Ave., New Carlisle; $70,000.

Julie A. Trainer to Jeremiah W. and Shannon Trainer, 302 Galewood Drive, New Carlisle; $0.

Burnett Group LLC to Carrie L. Calloway, 302 N. Henry St., New Carlisle; $150,000.

William Robey to Karen S. and Barry D. Kilburn, 503 W. Lincoln St., New Carlisle; $225,000.

Blue Rock Select LLC to Gary L. Deaton, 201 Smith Blvd., New Carlisle; $236,500.

Sherrie L. Nelson to Sherrie L. Nelson, trustee, 2147 Elderwood Road, Springfield; $0.

Samuel H. and Christine A. Lough to Chris L. Wagner, 4989 Willowdale Road, Springfield; $150,000.

Jaden McAfee and Courtney Grabill to Jaden McAfee and Courtney Grabill, 4751 Willowdale Road, Springfield; $0.

John E. and Joan C. Lewis to Patrick M. Hyden, 3550 Crescent Hill Road, Springfield; $284,500.

Shannon T. Kadel to Katherine C. McDowell, 3838 Crescent Hill Road, Springfield; $529,900.

Thelma M. Waldron to Wesley and Teresa Waldron, 2910 Ash Drive, Springfield; $200,000.

CJM to Jon P. and Stephanie M. Bolinger, 8727 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $370,000.

Jamie N. Reese to Seth R. Scott, 6732 Plattsburg Road, South Charleston; $370,000.

Larry E. Allen to WW Property LLC, 6531 Old 70 Road, South Charleston; $135,300.

Tracy L. Oberly to Russell A. and Rose L. White, 9144 Columbus-Cincinnati Road, South Charleston; $115,000.