Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0119: Michelle Payne v. Lindsay Cushman, John Does t through 3, Names Unknown, Addresses Unknown, complaint for damages.

23CV0120: Melody M. Vauthier v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Stephanie McCloud, McGregor Metal Leffel Works LLC, bureau of workers comp appeal.

23CV0121: The Huntington National Bank v. Clark County Treasurer, Mariner Finance, LLC, Luke Siemon, Pamela L. Siemon, foreclosure.

23CV0122: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Elias Ahifeld, breach of contract.

23CV0123: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Benjamin J. Morris, breach of contract.

23CV0124: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Felicia James, breach of contract.

23CV0125: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Kimberly S. Spriggs, breach of contract.

23CV0126: Amanda K. Mitchell v. Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Worker’ Compensation, Clark County, bureau of workers comp appeal.

23CV0127: Progressive Specialty Insurance Company v. Violeta J.D. Diaz Escalante, action for money.

Property transfers:

Sheryl L. Zahler to Pamalee P. Churchill, 716 Deerfield Trail, Springfield; $290,000.

Richard A. and Tarole Lloyd to Amanda Massie and Jackson Crawford, 5428 Richmoor Road, Springfield; $240,000.

Kimberly S. Ford to Elisa Remsberg, 5775 Windfield Drive, Springfield; $270,000.

Larry E. Lawrence Sr. to Gwendolyn and Larry E. Lawrence Sr., 1140 Willow Road, Springfield; $0.

Michael A. and Lisa M. Loftis to Timothy and Kassandra Woodard, 2400 Signal Hill Road, Springfield; $749,900.

One Life Property Solutions LLC to Angel Foster, 48 S. Main St., North Hampton; $167,000.

Angela K. Allison to Tony and Caroline Blankenship, 165 Woodlawn Ave., North Hampton; $310,000.

Megan L. and Justin L. Cason to Jacob Self, 647 White Oak Drive, Springfield; $275,000.