Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0415: MidFirst Bank v. Clark County Treasurer, Clarissa Johnson, Dustin N. Johnson, The United States of America, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development c/o The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District, foreclosure.

24CV0416: Christieanna Kennedy v. Alloyd Supply, INC., John Logue, Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

24CV0417: Pamela Richards v. Bon Secours Mercy Health, John Logue, Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Rick L. Haggy, 65, of South Vienna, retied and Connie L. Powell, 63, of South Vienna, retired.

Rebecca N. Parry, 19, of New Carlisle, food service and Logan J. Cherpeski, 20, of New Carlisle, mechanic.

Dale R. Ulrich, 55, of Mechanicsburg, maintenance manager and Marie A. Bacon, 57, of Mechanicsburg, nurse.

Belinda S. Wilson, 43, of Springfield, homemaker and Nicole L. Hosier, 45, of Springfield, self employed.

Kylie J. Maine, 23, of Springfield, children services caseworker and Luke A. Kenworthy, 23, of Springfield, none.

Benjamin L. Dutton, 53, of Springfield, general manager and Kimberly S. Matthews, 50, of Springfield, self employed.

Michael R. Michaud, 40, of Springfield, truck driver and Aubrey S. J. Dequina, 33, of Springfield, unemployed.

Property transfers:

Gerard Milewski to Michelle Pauley, 125 Lincoln Ave., Springfield; $78,000.

David Myers to Ashley Brittin, 359 S. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $135,000.

Angela G. Penrose to Lisa A. Midkiff, 1568 Sheridan Ave., Springfield; $0.

Angela G. Penrose to Michael Midkiff, 1572 Sheridan Ave., Springfield; $0.

1462 1464 S. Wittenberg Ave Springfield to Michael Walters, 1462-1464 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $103,000.

Tim Sisler to Daryl Howard, 1820 Kentucky Ave., Springfield; $37,500.

Faith J. and Shirley J. Willis to Faith J. Willis, 114 Corlington Drive, Springfield; $0.

JFT Property Group LLC to NFB 921 LLC, 534-536 Homeview Ave., Springfield; $0.

Pinnia D. Hampton to Rudayus Hampton, 1121 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $0.

Andrew Castaneda to Thomas Chavannes, 1117-1119 Clifton Ae., Springfield; $10,000.

Simms Center Street Townes LTD to John A. Brown Jr., trustee, 9 Mill Run Place, Springfield; $315,500.

Hogar Community Reinvestment LLC to Jon B. Jones, 560, 566 Mt. Vernon Ave., Springfield; $3,000.

Benjamin M. and Amanda R. Merick to David L. and Tracy R. Wilson, 100 S. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; $311,000.

Peggy J. Martineau to Elizabeth M. Andrevich, 274 Dover Road, Springfield; $235,000.

Joshua A. Lathery to Ryan and Jennifer S. Mann, 960 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $235,000.

New Residential Mortgage Loan to Aveyard and Paul Rental LLC, 70 Oaklawn Ave., Medway; $89,300.

Todd T. and Tammie R. Smart to Joshua T. and Donald W. McKee Jr., 812 N. Medway-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $141,000.

Uriel M. Guzman to Alfredo Herrera and Erika G. Alonzo, 654 Winchester St., New Carlisle; $175,000.

Castle Financial Resources LLC to William D. Daniel, 122 Lake Shore Drive, Medway; $125,000.

William R. Christy to Monty and Karen Terrell, 11315 W. National Road, New Carlisle; $108,000.

Thomas M. and Maryanne Scanlon to Thomas J. Burke, 1131 Chalet Ave., New Carlisle; $130,000.

Jerry R. Adams to Ian Kinsfather, 1123 Campbell Ave., New Carlisle; $228,000.

Amanda R. Ketner to Katie and Joshua Lewis, 40 Greenacres Drive, Springfield; $225,000.

Joshua L. Mahaffey to Joshua L. and Brittany A. Mahaffey, 518 Glenn Ave., New Carlisle; $0.

Russell D. and Nichole Ankeney to Russell D. Ankeney, 8930 Chillicothe Pike, South Charleston; $0.

Ronald Brosius and Christina V. Encina to Brian and Kelly Miller, 820 W. Sparrow Road, Springfield; $450,000.

Sheila T. Jones to Skyler Davis, 1000 N. Buena Vista Road, South Vienna; $155,000.

TSM Properties LTD to Tessa Perigo, 124 Willow St., South Charleston; $140,000.

Deborah Swinson, trustee to Jon L. and Kathy J. Mercer, 122 N. Chillicothe St., South Charleston; $100,000.

Marqui D. Hastings to Gerrit Fleischer, 3704 Marion Drive, Enon; $189,900.

David E. Smith to Indoor Edge Properties Limited, 2925 E. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $150,000.

Christopher A. and Lynda L. Sidell to Erik T. Collingsworth, 7348 New Horizon Ave., Enon; $191,000.

Heather J. Bailey to Kristin L. MacKay, 6885 Southern Vista Drive, Enon; $230,000.

Stellar Property Solutions LLC to Dustin L. Butler and Georgia G. Hunter, 6781 Southern Vista Drive, Enon; $189,900.

Sherman Garrison Properties LLC to Eugene A. Hopper, 4285 Enon-Xenia Road, Enon; $224,000.