Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0105: Gwendolyn Nunn-Butler v. Navistar International Transportation, Stephanie McCloud Administrator Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, bureau of workers comp appeal.

22CV0106: Maxwell Group v. Design-Rite Cabinets LLC, Andrew G. Milutin, complaint for damages.

22CV0107: US Bank National Association as indenture trustee for the holders of the CIM Trust 2021-NR1 Mortgage-Bcaked Notes Serier 2021-NR1 v. Clark County Treasurer, Ohio Department of Taxation School-District, Unknown Heirs Legatees Devisees Executors Administrators and Assigns and their Spouses if any of Robert D Stevens, Unknown Spouse if any of Robert D Stevens, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Catalyst Realty Limited to Rosemary DeWitt, Alta Road Rear, Springfield; $130,000

Cheryl Anne Smith to Cheryl Anne Shirey, 3139 Woonsocket St., Springfield; no fee

Kathy L. and Stephen F. Gladman to Angela K. and Stephen J. Gladman, 1438 Torrence Dr., Springfield; $117,000

OHIO LLC to Patricia A. Jennings, 3315 Red Coach Dr., Springfield; $135,000

Mattie Gray to Constance A. Applin Trustee, 2028 Elmsford St., Springfield; no fee

Arthur L. Crowe to Iris G. and Arthur L. Crowe, 525 S. Light St., Springfield; no fee

Fannie B. Turner to US Bank National Association Trustee, 401 Oakwood Pl., Springfield; $16,700

Kristen and Jamon N. Sellman to Kristin Sellman, 729 Tanglewood Dr., Springfield; no fee

Zeus Shopping Center Inc., to Ronald Daugherty, 1813-1815 W. Main St., Springfield; $12,000

Ronald Daugherty to Thomas E. Johnson, 1813-1815 W. Main St., Springfield; $12,000

Geraldine Taylor to George Pennington, 1100 Dayton Ave., Springfield; no fee

Jean Collen and William Buscemi I to Carrie Leese, 1809 Overlook Dr., Springfield; $120,000

Wendy D. and Dwight Gilpin to Sarah A. Oryan and Jessica M. Wells, 2112 Ruthland Ave., Springfield; $116,000

Judy A. Stedman to Matthew Case, 648 Cortland Dr., Springfield; $35,000