Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0302: U.S. Bank Trust Company, National Association, as Trustee for Velocity Commercial Capital Loan Trust 2023-2 v. Brick & Keys, Inc., an Ohio Corporation, foreclosure.

24CV0303: New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank v. Beavercreek Dumpster Service, LLC, Jackie Lansing II, promissory note.

24CV0304: U.S. Bank National Association, foreclosure.

24CV0305: U.S. Bank National Association v. Clark County Treasurer, Erika L. Harding, Austin Mertens, Austin C. Mertens, Austin Charles Mertens, State of Ohio, Department of Taxation, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

James F. Tossey II, 63, of Springfield, truck driver and Bobbi Jo King, 54, of Springfield, homemaker.

Matthew T. Gaier, 56, of Springfield, commercial truck driver and Melinda L. Roark, 56, of Springfield, accountant.

George T. Sarven, 68, Springfield, retired - CNC machinist and Rebeka J. Hill, 67, of Springfield, retired - program manager.

Mariangely Cardoza Acosta, 31, of South Vienna, house wife and Georgenan Lopez Vigo, 37, of South Vienna, crew leader.

Kassidy R. Boyd, 24, Springfield, cook and Drew E. Thompson, 25, of Springfield, welder.

Miranda A. Potter, 23, of Springfield, medical assistant and Gregory A. Coffey, 26, of Springfield, assembly worker.

Micah S. Myers, 30, of Springfield, construction and Hannah R. Ison, 29, of Baltimore, OH, administrative profession.

Jessica J. DuVall, 34, of Springfield, administrator and Michael E. Lowe, 35, of Springfield, retail manager.

Property transfers:

Michael D. and Susan J. Hoover to Michael and Susan Hoover, trustees, 1847 Maryland Ave., Springfield; $0.

Marco A. S. Flores to Fernando S. Aguilar, 1586 Oakland Ave., Springfield; $0.

Max DeLong to Leader Homes LLC, 859 Jasper St., Springfield; $27,500.

Carl C. Weaver to Jason J. and Turkieshiejia N. Weaver, 1404 Center Blvd., Springfield; $38,800.

The Ashgard Group LLC to Ibenia L. Guevara, 136 Prairie Ave., Springfield; $40,500.

Marco A. S. Flores to Fernando S. Aguilar, 515 Vine St., Springfield; $0.

JA Butterfield LLC to Serena and Ala Uddin, 1026 S. Center St., Springfield; $103,000.

Mackenzie and Alyssa Conkling to Alymac Properties LLC, 235 E. Liberty St., Springfield; $0.

K & K Properties LLC to Gregorio V. Torres, 417 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $38,000.

Megan L. Eddy to Jennifer and Margaret Bazin, 529 E. Grand Ave., Springfield; $15,000.

McCall McCune Homes LLC to Amelia J. V. Sanchez, 117-119 E. Cecil St., Springfield; $105,000.

Sarah H. Dehart to Sarah and Matthew DeLong, 1012 Mason St., Springfield; $0.

Larisa A. Solomon to Thomas E. and Charidy M. Murphy, 551 Chestnut Ave., Springfield; $132,000.

William D. and Janet L. West to Christopher N. Wells and Stacey A. Wood, 216 N. Broadmoor Blvd., Springfield; $395,000.

Donna K. Snyder to Donna K. and Richard A. Snyder, 148 Floral Ave., Springfield; $0.