Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Property transfers:

Steven G. and Annette K. Triplett to Christopher and Alexandra Sparks, 10811 Schiller Road, Medway; $230,000

Peggy J. Templeton to Sharon K. Allender, 135 Elm Road, Medway; $96,500

Tamara L. and Michael A. Roach to Tamara L. Roach, 311 S. Adams St., New Carlisle; no fee

Humberto Arevalo to Florencio Arevalos, 326 Prentice Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

James E. Seeger to Justin J. Seeger, 324 Prentice Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Kelly N. Tipton to Esteban Corona and Teresa Fernandez, 505 Zimmerman St., New Carlisle; $125,000

Phyllis A. Beatty to Charles L. and Mary Bane, 415-421 Villa Dr., New Carlisle; $239,000

Melissa K. Pinkerman to Johnny D. and Tiffani L. Teegarden, 3959 Upper Valley Pike, Springfield; $225,000

Sams Properties LTD to Julie Lynn and Mathew Lee Manion, 5224 Troy Road, Springfield; $120,000

Geri Ann and Jimmy Lee Reisinger Jr., to Darren Lee and Anne Rene Smith, 1596 North Star St., Springfield; $347,000

William F. Nachtrieb to Andrew J. Metz, E. National Road, South Vienna; $255,700

Beauetta J. Parks to Mark E. DeBruin and Sarah E. Jordan, 7340 Botkin Road, London; $299,900

R.W. Fields LLC to Ren Min Min and De Feng Wang, E. Columbus Road, South Charleston; $100,000

Tad Lee Steinbrink to Joshua S. and Elizabeth J. Donegia, 3393 Crist Road, Springfield; $229,500

Dave and Katherine Abbitt to Katherine Abbitt, 5756 Hillgrove Cir., Fairborn; no fee

Lewis Construction Inc., to Laura Cathcart, Timbercross Ave., Fairborn; $54,900

Mary A. Kianka to Christopher Anthony and Cheryl Lynn Reese, 7046 Creekside Cir., Fairborn; $263,000

Harry D. Runyon to Catherine Joyce Ferriman, 280 Countryside Dr., Enon; no fee

Durwood V. and Barbara J. Whitt to Durward V. Whitt, 65 Skyline Dr., Enon; no fee

Katheryn Sue Arnold and Mary K. Colwell to Kathryn Sue Arnold, 140 Maricopa Cir, Enon; no fee

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