Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0791: American Express National Bank v. Kimberly Armstrong, Kimberly S. Armstrong, breach of contract.

23CV0792: NewRez LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Christopher J. Hiles, Mary Hiles, United States of America Secretary of Housing and Uban Development, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Amanda N. Larson, 37, of Springfield, self employed and Jodi M. Yates, 34, of Springfield, construction worker.

Amira S. Aljabi, 31, of Springfield, personal trainer and David W. Ramsington, 39, of Yellow Springs, software developer.

Vicente U. Garcia Alvarado, 40, of Springfield, sub labor and Yudis Y. Santos Ramirez, 34, of Springfield, housewife.

David J. Lambert, 48, of Springfield, customer service and Angela G. Entler, 42, of Springfield, food service.

Jarrod E. Tipton, 49, of Enon, plumber and Mary M. Meyer, 52, of Enon, unemployed.

Property transfers:

Andrew and Dona Behr to Andrew D. and Dona J. Behr, trustees, 2928 Mahar Road, South Vienna; none.

Sayann A. Yun and Sam Chheang to James A. and Kerry C. Londergan, 4520 Mahar Road, South Vienna; $370,000.

Todd and Cynthia Leach to Randy Bostick, 2784 N. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna; $315,500.

Rebecca L. Sullivan to George P. Boles III, 11247 Knoxville Road; $163,000.

Douglas E. Johnson to Michael F. Pritchard, 9882 Collins-Arbogast Road, South Vienna; $90,000.

Mathew R. and Brittany N. Bourne to Kylie S. and Colin M. Kneucker, 3428 N. Houston Pike, South Vienna; $335,000.

Brent and Roseanne Miesse to Brent M. and Roseanne Miesse, trustees, 1470 W. Possum Road, Springfield; none.

Brent and Roseanne Miesse to Brent M. and Roseanne Miesse, trustees, 2525 Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; none.