Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0651: Tonya Snyder, Sherri Lowrie v. All Known Heirs, Next of Kin and Distributees of James K Riddle, Clark County Treasurer, James D. Kemplin, Jr., Lisa M. Kemplin, PNC, National Association PNC BANK, Patricia L. Riddle, Patricia Louise Riddle, Unknown Spouse of James D. Kemplin Jr., Unknown Spouse of Lisa M. Kemplin, Unknown Spouse of Particia L. Riddle, quiet title.

23CV0652: Accelerated Inventory Management LLC v. Dante Hocker, breach of contract.

23CV0653: Gregory Hurst v. Erie Insurance Company, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Ohio Department of Medicaid, personal injury.

23CV0654: Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC v. Don P. Bryan, breach of contract.

23CV0655: Quicken Loans Inc. , Quicken Loans, LLC, Rocket Mortgage LLC v. American Express National Bank, Clark County Treasurer, John Doe, Barbara Keene, Barbara A. Keene, Roto Rooter Services Company, foreclosure.

23CV0656: Candice West, Leninis West v. Williams Evans, Wellington Home Improvements LLC, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Paul E. and Julie A. Moore to Donald W. and Shela Staton, 600 Bowman Road, Springfield; $347,600.

Jeffrey L. and Marla D. Wood to Darrin Spitzer, 12915 E. National Road, South Vienna; $100,000.

Larry J. and Patrick B. Phillips to Erika M. and Patrick B. Phillips, 17 Jamestonw Road, South Charleston; none.

Thomas J. and Amber M. Troup to Thomas J. Troup, 6634 Emerald Ave., Enon; none.

James L. Myers to James G. and Cheryl A. Whipp, 3264 W. Jackson Road, Springfield; $100,000.

Shawn M. and Brian A. Mcneil to Troy and Kiersten C. Slavin, 3051 Fairfield Pike, Springfield; $313,500.

Kimberly Ehret, trustee to Hobert M. and Brenda S. Turner, 4615 Sullivan Road, Springfield; $404,200.

Ricky L. Robinson Jr. and Kristen A. Robinson to Lower Valley LLC, 4708 Sullivan Road, Springfield; $45,000.