Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0299: Cameron A. Spinger v. John T. Gray, John Doe 1-12, personal injury.

24CV0300: Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Charles R.E. Hardy, Jane Doe, Name Unknown, Unknown Spouse if any of Charles R. E. Hardy, United State of America, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, foreclosure.

24CV0301: Park National Bank v. In a Pinch Screenprinting LLC, Amanda M. Risner, Jason A. Risner, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Raymond C. Kiskis, Jr., 23, of South Vienna, arborist and Madison E. Caudill, 24, of New Carlisle, none.

Josie D. Marshall, 23, of Medway, health planner and Gabriel A. Kelley, 23, of Medway, Air Force: sensor operator.

Lori A. Grim, 53, of New Carlisle, none and Andrew R. Powell, 57, of New Carlisle, assist manager.

Catherine A. Noyes, 77, of Springfield, retired and David A. Holl, 79, of Fairborn, retired.

Brandon L. Arban, 34, of Springfield, factory worker and Brandi A. Richendollar, 34, of Springfield, manager.

Natalie D. M. Crum, 26, of South Charleston, anesthesia tech and Joshua L. Carey, 26, South Charleston, tool and die.

James A. McCombs, 59, of Springfield, Mont. Co. DJFS and Shayna L. McCombs, 42, of Springfield, Mont. Co. DJFS.

Property transfers:

A 1 Home Solutions LLC to Linde Rolf Properties LLC, 435 W. Washington St., Springfield; $28,100.

Jafar A. Musheer to Akiilah Musheer, 1233 Bellefair Ave., Springfield; $0.

Christine A. Stumbo to Norman R. and Ladonna K. Lowe, 1358 Fotler St., Springfield; $52,000.

Perry K. Williams to K R S Barbershop Corporation, 1307 Beverly Ave., Springfield; $85,000.

Thalia C. and Nicholas B. Pavlatos, trustees to Van Boon, 430 S. Broadmoore Blvd., Springfield; $615,000.

Zachary M. Harvey to Jacob B. Harvey, 700 Snowhill Blvd., Springfield; $185,000.

North Plum Development LTD to Junnan Chen, 1515 E. N. Plum St., Springfield; $75,000.

Springfield Advantage LLC to Josue Nassal and Roselie Gabriel, 1807 Maiden Lane, Springfield; $188,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Don F. Boyd, 1426 Texas Ave., Springfield; $0.

KTW Investments LLC to Rex A. Layne, 2565 Sunset Ave., Springfield; $70,000.

Jeffrey L. and Virginia L. Schrader to Raymond E> Gideons, 2523 Mayfair Drive, Springfield; $129,900.

Kreig D. Thornburg to Dane M. Helgeson, 2741 Van Buren Ave., Springfield; $112,000.

Bonnie M. Riggle to Kyle L. Mclin, 937 Biel St., Springfield; $0.

M Alhiassah LLC to Christine Antoun, 2143-2173 E. Main St., Springfield; $200,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urbana Development to John Manus, 1527 Parker St., Springfield; $0.

Comfort Living LLC to Benita S. Payen, 1730 Rutland Ave., Springfield; $184,900.

Kathy S. McFarland to Joseph M. McFarland, 1839 Quincy Road, Springfield; $0.

Julie R. Sherman to Jaden W. Wood, 1551 Charles St., Springfield; $82,500.

New Ohio Investment LLC to Jenny Jerome, 924 Oak St., Springfield; $40,000.