Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0271: Harrison Wang v. Henry Chanchavac, National Mutual Insurance Company, personal injury.

21CV0272: Seven Star Properties LLC v. Elliot A. Hayne, trustee of Elliot A. Hayne, breach of contract.

21CV0273: Lori Prater v. Jaclynn L. Newton, Katelynn Newton, complaint for damages.

21CV0274: Miami Valley Hospital v. Timothy Olwin, action for money.

21CV0275: Employers Mutual Casualty Company v. Architectural Group III, Indiana Hospitality Group LLC, John Does 1 to 10, Johnson Controls, Koorsen Fire and Security Inc., Simplex Grinnell LP, complaint for damages.

21CV0276: The Huntington National Bank v. Barbara Perkins, Robert Fletcher, JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, Clark County Treasurer, foreclosure.

All records are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Thomas R. and Amy L. Christopher to Christopher Michael and Kellie Wertz, 1480 Snider Road, New Carlisle; $395,000

Arthur C. and Marishia A. Partin Trustess to Bobby Lawrence Webb and Jimie Polgar, Spangler Road, Medway; $78,000

Danny B. Hensley to Marliana Skye Allen, 341 Tulip Road, Medway; $136,000

Jewel E. Bennett to Mike and Deanna Tarbutton, Grove Road, Medway; $149,900

Daniel Allen Koons to Maria Elizabeth Gwinn, 416 Caldwell Cir., New Carlisle; $110,000

Emily Justice to Karen S. Skaggs, 3148 Lake Road, Medway; $77,000

Elgon L. Hornback to Everardo Covarrubias Mendoza, 140 Weinland St., New Carlisle; $131,700

William Hampshire to William D. Hampshire, 11743 Zeller Ct., New Carlisle; no fee