Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0449: MyUSA Credit Union Inc. v. Cynthia Jackson, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Holly D. Sheets to Holly D. and Michael K. Sheets, 2377 Versailles Court, Springfield; $0.

David M. and Deborah A. Pittenger to Deborah A. Pittenger, 5081 Outerview Drive, Springfield; $0.

Michael E. and Gregory A. Hosier, trustees to Connie J. Babcock, trustee, 6926 New Horizon Ave., Enon; $185,000.

Carla I. Wren, trustee to Carla I. Wren, 3020 Hustead Road, Springfield; $0.

Helen L. Pitstick, trustee to Robert and Cassandra Pahls, 4623 W. Jackson Road, Enon; $340,000.

Martha L. Pyles to Walter L. and Sheri R. Adkins, 307 Coronado Trail, Enon; $176,400.

Gregory A. Ryder to Bradley D. Carr and Carra L. Mitchell, 100 Ionic Circle, Enon; $215,000.

Deborah Kunselman to Andrew J. and Leslie G. Cude, 261 Green Vista Drive, Enon; $267,000.

Christopher S. and Rebecca K. Johnson to Christopher S. Johnson, 6280 Prairie Road, Springfield; $0.

David L. and Tracy R. Wilson to Gary R. and Keri J. Frasco, 1626 Biscayne Drive, Springfield; $280,000.

Lori A. Cochran to Lori A. and David H. Cochran, 4934 Brannan Drive W., Springfield; $0.

Archie L. and Thelma W. Waldron to Thelma M. Waldron, 4816 Brannan Drive E., Springfield; $0.

Cheri M. and Kevin P. Foley to Denise M. Darden, 4605 Reno Lane, Springfield; $20,000.

Lawrence G. and Penny J. Cook to Lawrence G. and Penny J. Cook, trustees, 1521 Erika Drive, Springfield; $0.

Michael Jones Designs Inc. to Christopher Fernandez, 5025 Ridgewood Road E., Springfield; $265,000.

Betty L., Lucinda and Donald W. Thacker Jr. to Beverly A. and Floyd Brumit Jr., 1780 Fox Ridge Drive, Springfield; $221,900.

David M. and Crystal Cayten to Haddox Properties, 602 Villa Road, Springfield; $133,000.

John A. Brown Jr., trustee to Ariel and Austin Beal, 1308 Greenoak Court, Springfield; $408,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Wesley L. Cochran and Colton L. Roberts, 3659 Folk Ream Road, Springfield; $0.

Aaron Massie to Jacob A. Massie, 9863 Ayres Pike, New Carlisle; $0.

Philip E. and Teresa K. Frantz to Philip E. Frantz, trustee, 11449 Ayres Pike, New Carlisle; $0.

Angela C. Notestine to Aaron P. and Jennifer R. Ashbaugh, 2961 N. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $230,000.

Trifecta Inc. to Kime T. and Janice E. Risteff, 6856 Neer Road, Mechanicsburg; $84,900.

Deborah L. and Paul E. Townsend to Deborah L. Townsend, 141 E. Pleasant St., Catawba; $0.

Margaret K. Woolfork to Emily R. and Matthew Mowery, 190 Oakridge Drive, Springfield; $130,000.

Janet L. Gabbard to Shannon M. Witherspoon, 4123 Grange Hall Road, Springfield; $230,000.

Daniel T. and Janet L. McClintick to Bradley J. and Allison G. McClintick, 3110 Ridge Road, Springfield; $0.

Janet L. McClintick to Bradley J. McClintick, 3100 Ridge Road, Springfield; $0.

Molly G. Layne to Abigail N. Suttle and Sloan A. Corson, 161 California Ave., Springfield; $210,000.

Robert and Cassandra Pahls to Mark and Dianne Taylor, 3766 Ronda Court, Springfield; $284,000.

Michael L. and Tina R. Holloway to Federal National Mortgage Association, 157 Kinnane Ave., Springfield; $0.

Chandler Hig Velocity Fund LLC to Beckstrasse A. LLC, 531 Neosha Ave., Springfield; $8,500.

Roberto E. Cruz Sierra to Juan A. Bejarano and Blanca Lopez, 2580 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $0.