Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0465: Gwendolyn Nunn-Butler v. John Logue, administrator of Bureau of Workers Compensation, Navistar International Transportation, Bureau of Workers Comp appeal.

24CV0466: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Talisa M. Hall, action for money.

24CV0467: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio Inc. v. Christopher D. Williams, action for money.

24CV0468: Johnnie R. Goodman Jr., State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, complaint for damages.

24CV0469: New Perspective Asset Management LLC, Court-Appointed Receiver over real property located at 1355 S. Fountain Ave. v. Capital One Bank, Clark County Auditor, Clark County Treasurer, Rita L. Richards, heirs and/or devisees of Rita L. Richards, Interim Healthcare of Dayton Inc., the City of Springfield, unknown occupants, unknown spouse of Rita L. Richards, foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Laura L. Page, 37, of Springfield, massage therapist, and Bryan L. Hall, 34, of Springfield, general labor.

Aryeona A. Hartzell Hicks, 21, of New Carlisle, and Teddy J. Ivey Jr., 21, of New Carlisle, Elevated Roofing.

Rina N. Broan, 35, of New Carlisle, medical biller, and Lucas M. Cydrus, 37, of New Carlisle, stay at home dad.

Phyliss M. Exon, 40, of Springfield, Fairfield Inn, and Lekian K. Powell, 43, of Springfield, maintenance man.

Courtney D. Brakeall, 28, of Springfield, dock worker, and Lucas Scott Davis II, 22, of Springfield, truck laborer.

Nathaniel A. Fowler, 23, of South Charleston, CAD drafter, and Madison M. Smith, 22, of Springfield, teacher.

Property transfers:

Jordan Calico to Justin R. and Riley N. Schiessler, 384 Glenapple Drive, New Carlisle; $165,000.

Joanne Crowson to Regina D. and Marcos Pepilascov Jr., 1720 Hartley Ave., New Carlisle; $0.

Angela Notestine to Randy and Teresa Collins, 1810 Styer Drive, New Carlisle; $155,000.

Jorge Mendoza to Jorge Mendoza Barajas, 812 Cliffside Drive, New Carlisle; $0.

Melissa A. Peters to Melissa A. and Dennis Peters, 1234 Grissom Ave., New Carlisle; $0.

Richard E. Brandt to Richard E. Brant, trustee, 180 N. Dayton-Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; $0.

Glass and Fur LLC to Kendle and Deron Castle Sr., 5605 Lower Valley Pike, Springfield; $150,000.

Keith A. Patrick to Keith A Patrick, 5849 South Drive, Springfield; $0.

Jerry and Deborah Costa to Jerry L. and Deborah S. Costa, trustees, 3924 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $0.

Karen and Barry Kilburn to Gregory S. Chiles and Sarah E. Hollis, 11180 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; $375,000.

222 Auto Holdings LLC to RST Investment LLC, 439 N. Main St., New Carlisle; $1,270,000.

Melanie S. Hynes to Rodz Builders LLC, 505 Colony Trail, New Carlisle; $29,900.

Paul P. and Jane E. Pierce to Paul P. and Jane E. Pierce, trustees, 516 Glenn Ave., New Carlisle; $0.

Douglas N. and Leslie A. Crew to Benjamin J. and Tiffany L. Thomas, 4483 Hominy Ridge Road, Springfield; $506,000.

Pamela S. Woodrum to Pamela S. and Dicky D. Miller, trustees, 5635 Hominy Ridge Road, Springfield; $0.

Michelle Thornton and James Apple to Stephanie and Matthew R. Jenkins, 6435 Winding Tree Drive, New Carlisle; $455,000.

Dwight L. McClanahan to Lori Robbins, 5201 E. Pitchin Road, Springfield; $0.

Wilbur M. and Jan E. Entsminger to Wilbur M. Entsminger, 6580 North River Road, South Charleston; $0.

Dale L. Booth to Daniel Peters, 2822 Old Springfield Road, Springfield; $159,900.

Jessica Billy to Dale A. and Diane L. Miller, 4742 Peacock Road, Springfield; $150,000.

Wellington Square II LLC to CPCA Manufacturing LLC, 2145 Airpark Drive, Springfield; $2,800,000.

Dixie A. Dennis, trustee to Aaron D. Swayne, 4764 Oxtoby St., Springfield; $0.

Teresa L. Oney and Robin S. Rea to Teresa L. Oney and Jon Michael, 102 W. Mount St., South Charleston; $100,000.

Rocket Mortgage LLC to Coppermine Properties LLC, 18 Woodward St., South Charleston; $95,400.

Bhatti Commercial Holding I LLC to Lance Rentals LLC, 6903, 6905 Dayton-Springfield Road, Enon; $450,000.

Park Hills Sentre LTD to Michael G. Hill, 3225 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; $32,000.

Barbara A. Murray and Bret A. Ingram to Bret A. and Denise P. Ingram, 1319 Red Oak Circle, Springfield; $0.

Gerald and Iryl F. Haines to Gerald Haines, 2411 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield; $0.

Chris A. and Sharon M. Caudill to Chris A. and Sharon M. Caudill, trustees, 1700 Snyderville Road, Springfield; $0.

Howard and Sheraldean Aldrich to Kenton Ginn, 6880 Chama Trail, Enon; $189,900.

Kathryn Grammas to Isaiah Harris, 2950 Fairfield Pike, Springfield; $81,500.

Lyle W. and Judy L. Brown to Lyle W. and Judy L. Brown, trustees, 4740 Echo Hills Ave., Springfield; $0.