Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0802: Marsha J. Wheelock v. Navistar Inc. and Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation appeal.

23CV0803: Board of Clark County Commissioners v. Armcorp Construction Inc., breach of contract.

23CV0804: Deborah J. Birchum v. Home Depot USA Inc. and Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation appeal.

23CV0805: IH Credit Union Inc. v. Patricia Hyatt, Patricia L. Hyatt, Paul Hyatt and Paul A. Hyatt, action for money.

23CV0806: Onemain Financial Group LLC v. Mandi Perrin, action for money.

23CV0807: Credit Acceptance Corporation v. Charles Brim, action for money.

23CV0808: Onemain Financial Group LLC v. Renee Stevens, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Matthew D. Brann, 49, of Springfield, site manager and Jodie A. Coate, 51, of Springfield, facilities manager.

Neeli R. Carpenter, 51, of Springfield, accountant and Timothy J. Hagans, 50, of Springfield, manufacturing.

Property transfers:

Brent M. and Roseanne Miesse to Brent M. and Roseanne Miesse, trustees, 1374 Driscoll Ave., Springfield; $0.

Robert J. Chapman to Andrew J. Chapman (Robert J. Chapman Life Est.), 513 Portage Path, Springfield; $0.

Diane Worthington to Dennis and Christin Worthington, 539 Mead Lane, Springfield; $98,000.

Jason D. Miller to Jason D. Miller, 413 W. Parkwood Ave., Springfield; $60,400.

Maudi Crowley to Kelsey Lavelle, 2006 Amanda St., Springfield; $166,000.

McKenzie Investments & Consulting LLC to Hearthstone Solutions LLC, 1948 Scarboro St., Springfield; $66,500.

RMT Properties LLC to Shaunda Keyes, 1136 W. High St., Springfield; $58,500.