Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

23CV0801: DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc. v. Beneficial Mortgage Co. of Ohio, Diane K. Brown, City of Springfield Ohio, Clark County Treasurer, Diane K. Forst, Unknown Spouse of Diane K. Forst aka Diane Kay Forst aka Diane K. Brown, Unknown Successors and Assignees of Beneficial Financial I Inc. Successor by Merger to Beneficial Ohio Inc., foreclosure.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Cindy Fleurant, 34, of Springfield, none and Sylvio Joseph, 35, of Springfield.

Dwayne E. Lyons, 58, of Springfield, dietary aide and Shawn L. Royster, 60, of Springfield, disabled.

Noah M. Davidson, 23, of New Carlisle, student and Heidi N. Anderson, 22, of Zionsville, IN, admissions counselor.

Bradley A. Carey, 46, of Springfield, communications and Joanna R. Kirby, 45, of Sidney, customer service.

Christian T. J. Koepp, 28, of Springfield, welder and Adriana N. W. Powell, 23, of Tipp City, stay home mom.

Property transfers:

Seth D. Rice to Craig Tenkotte and Patricia Krause, 561 Geron Drive, Springfield; $120,000.

Shelby A. Haulman to Bryden Hollback, 2013 Providence Ave., Springfield; $168,500.

Eastham Properties LLC to Darlene Nichols, 3241 Eastham St., Springfield; $160,000.

Kingsgate Commons to Jennifer and Michael D. Mosshammer, 3632 Kingsgate Road, Springfield; $68,000.

Lee W. Taylor to Debra and Patrick Decker, 1014 Abington Place, Springfield; $0.

Etta I. Pacine, trustee to Cynthia and Winn C. Brown, 1134 Armsgate Road, Springfield; $102,000.

Clara Bull to Ronald Earley, 1143 Derby Road, Springfield; $199,900.

Suraj Arora to 1130 Vester Corporation, 1130 Vester Ave., Springfield; $0.