Champaign County Sheriff’s Office awarded $20K in traffic safety grants

The Champaign County Sheriff’s Office has received traffic safety grants to help save lives in the county, according to the department.

The $20,785.32 in traffic safety grants is from the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s (ODPS) Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) for next year.

“These funds have been essential in keeping our local community safe,” said Sheriff Matt Melvin. “Based on crash data, speed, impaired driving, distracted driving and occupant restraint use are high priorities for the sheriff’s office, and we are committed to working with out partners at the state level to address these safety issues.”

Over the last three years from 2020 to 2022, crash data shows there were 103 crashes related to alcohol impaired driving. Of those crashes, 54 invovled injuries and two fatalities. Data also showed there were 11 fatalities from people who failed to wear a seat belt. In total, there were 18 fatalities from all three years combined.

To help reduce these numbers, the sheriff’s office will be conducting high-visibility enforcement by working overtime hours, and holding educational and awareness events with the grant.

The funds, passed through OTSO from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are to support the efforts of safety partners in the state and focus on traffic safety priority areas such as restraint use, impaired driving, motorcycle safety and youthful drivers.

Grant proposals are accepted and reviewed by OTSO, and funds are awarded to projects that will have the greatest impact on reducing fatal crashes and significantly improve traffic safety systems.

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